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    There’s just something about Andrea Ranae. Her confidence, personal strength and insights on leadership have become an instant inspiration to us since we stumbled across her Instagram last month. Like so many of the voices in wellness we’ve championed over the years, we’re planning on highlighting Andrea’s perspective periodically to help her narrative inform and serve our audience. 

    Andrea’s video above is a call to self-care, a term that goes much deeper than it first appears and — as we’ve been discussing a lot this month — actually equips us to show up in strength. Here are key take-aways from Andrea’s message and notes on how to become more involved in her work on “Liberatory Leadership”… 

    If you have a vision for change in your communities or our world (or maybe you just know that a different reality is possible) and you want to show up, contribute, serve or generally live the kind of life that leaves this planet better than you found it – you’re in the right place.

    There are a few ways you can engage with my work, including my podcast A Call to Serve and my new courses, Rise Up: Visionary Business for These Times and Whole / Self Liberation.

    Signs Your On the Verge of Burnout…

    You are consistently by-passing, over-riding or neglecting your needs and who you are as a human. According to Andrea’s crowd-sourced responses, most of us are fully aware about what being on the verge of burn-out feels like…

    Feeling Resentful + Hopeless
    Feeling Out of Control
    Feeling Isolated + Annoyed
    Mental + Physical Health Decreases
    Overwhelmingly Irritated
    No Enthusiasm for Work
    More Panic Attacks
    Lack of Motivation
    It’s A Challenge to Laugh
    Loss of Faith
    Low Immunity
    Overly Emotional or 
    Extremely Reactive
    Patience Runs Thin
    Shallow Breathing

    Cultural Issues Around Burnout

    + Burn-out has been normalized. Productivity has been equated to personal value.
    + Exhausting ourselves to care for others at the cost of our own well-being has been framed as kind or noble.
    + We often prioritize other’s needs over our own, “as if all our needs can’t exist and be tended to in the same space.”

    If you lose faith, hope and the energy that’s driving you to show up for the work that you want to do in the world, then we lose because you’ll only be able to show up for so long.

    How to Avoid Burnout

    + Check in with yourself about what you need.

    + Seek support and let yourself be supported. “Many of us have people around us that want to support, but we don’t allow it.”

    + Rest. Take a nap.

    + Do something creative that brings you joy.

    + Spend time with people who see you for who you are.

    + Hydrate yourself.

    + Let yourself feel your feelings.

    + Say no when you feel it in your body.

    + Enforce and honor your personal boundaries.

    + Track your energy so you can protect your energy.

    + Clarify your priorities.

    + Pay attention to your body’s cues. Our bodies tell us so much information about what we need. What is going on inside of you?

    + Breathe. Or do something that is grounding for you.

    + Pay attention to who else is showing up. You’re not the only one who cares about the issues, causes and people you are trying to show up for.

    Andrea’s perspective resonates with us so deeply. Learn more through her courses here.

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