How Do Negative Emotions Affect Our Immunity?

We’re gaining A deeper perspective on the connection between our emotions and immunity lately. We were moved by this simple, but profound message from flower remedies practitioner, Alexis Smart, on the deep connection between negative emotions and our physical well-being. Here’s Smart with more… 

I’m writing this from my bed, wearing a knee-length cardigan over flannel pajamas. I feel guilty staying in bed, then think to myself that Proust wrote his masterpiece, Remembrance of Things Past, from his bed.

There is a part of me that likes to be sick, in bed watching movies, reading, and dreaming. This desire to escape reality is an indication for the flower remedy “Clematis.” For the dreamy person who is not quite “earthed.” They have a detached indifference because they are not really interested in the mundane world. They may get sick often, so they can remain in their dream world.

Dr. Bach (who not only discovered flower remedies but spoke, so wisely, about the emotional cause of illness) believed that our true natures come out when we are sick. He suggested that if you are ever having difficulty finding the right remedy for your self (or someone else), think of how you are when you are sick.

He also believed that the imbalance in our emotional state is what leads us to get ill in the first place. You may have noticed that before you get sick, you don’t feel quite your self. Maybe you’re more irritable or feel overwhelmed, then a few days later, you are down with a virus. If you were to take the flower remedy for that change in mood, when it first appears, you would maintain your strength and not be susceptible to the virus going around. That emotional stress puts a chink in your armor. To stay strong physically, you need to be free of fear and stress.

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For example, I know, for myself, before I got this sore throat, I had a lot of stress and I didn’t take my flower remedies. Looking back, I see that I got sick because I felt bullied by someone who has an aggressive nature. I had a lot of fear, I dislike conflict and I’m not really a fighter. I wish someone had told me to take my own medicine, Safe and Sound. But as they say, “the cobbler’s children go barefoot.” It would have helped me, not only to face the bully, but it would have prevented my body from being flooded with adrenaline and cortisol, the stress and inflammation hormones.

To avoid getting sick, use flower remedies as preventative medicine. Dr. Bach’s system was created to enable us to heal ourselves, by simply recognizing our imbalance and taking the corresponding remedy. To find the best remedy for your self, find a quiet moment alone and think about how you feel. What do you need help with? The first thing that comes into your mind is usually that which needs attention and what you should treat. You may want to do some writing and see what comes up. Read it back, as if you are reading a letter from a good friend, hearing where that friend is in distress. Then pick the flower remedy formula which best fits.

Any of my flower remedy formulas can be used to stay emotionally strong and avoid stress, but there are a few that are for the more intense stresses that often precede an illness…

First Aid Kit → This is my go-to, any time, immediate stress and trauma reliever. This is what I take at the first sign of any stress or illness. It contains Crab Apple, which is great for removing toxins/pathogens or for overindulgence in food or drink. Shock is a huge cause of physical distress. If you have had a sudden shock, loss, or trauma (physical or emotional), take this formula every hour for the first few days, then four times a day, or as needed.

Unburden → Extreme stress, overwhelm, fatigue and feeling ‘at the end of your rope’ is a recipe for disaster. This formula will strengthen you and keep you unruffled. Includes OLIVE for exhaustion. Great preventatively, but also a restorative once you are already sick. The best for post-partum exhaustion.

Safe and Sound → I mentioned it earlier. Fear can rapidly change your state and make you susceptible to anything going around. If you notice you have fear and anxiety, take this daily to stay calm and strong.

Whole Hearted → This miracle worker soothes and comforts when you have a break-up, have lost someone, or you feel you have never recovered from old grief. Grief can weaken the immune system and cause many seemingly unrelated symptoms. This will bring you back and restore you, body and spirit.

Above it All → Anger is draining on the whole economy. Similar to fear, in that the ‘fight or flight’ response is triggered. This releases adrenaline and cortisol, the stress hormones, which can lead to adrenal exhaustion. This formula keeps your nervous system calm and buffered.

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