adaptogenic Hormone Balancing Tonic

One of the simplest health tips we’ve come across is to make herbal infusions and drink those babies daily. This one, from women’s health pro, Nicole Granato, is specially formulated to help take the edge off a stressed-out system. With incredible ingredients like pearl powder, he shou wu, reishi and rooibos tea, this tonic has the power to detox, reduce stress, and get skin glowing among other benefits…

When we think about vitamins and nutrients we often think of pills or supplements, and we don’t usually think of where those vitamins originally came from. Throughout my years working with women suffering from PCOS and hormone imbalances, a very common trend I see is a nutritional deficiency. Our bodies are screaming for nutrients that are important for building blood, detoxifying, supporting organ function and more.

I absolutely love nutrient dense tonics that use mushrooms as the vitamin and mineral source. I believe mushrooms can heal and prevent disease. I work with many of my clients using tonics similar to the ones used in the recipe below. It is my favorite daily tonic with all of the things I love and added benefits for my skin.

Like anything else, you will only see results if you are consistent. How can you create a nutritional ritual in your daily life? I choose a time of day I know I will always follow through. For me, making an end of day or post-dinner tonic works best. It takes five minutes, at most, and will feel so rewarding and loving — call it self-care.

Hormone Balancing Tonic
Serves 1


1 teabag of Oatstraw or Rooibos tea (caffeine-free)
1 tsp reishi
1⁄2 tsp He Shou Wu
1⁄2 tsp pearl powder
1 Tbsp tocotrienols
1 Tbsp coconut oil


Steep teabag to desired taste (usually three minutes). Add remaining ingredients and stir.

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