Are you making acai bowls at home? Or are you making acai bowls at home? We’re going to show you the key to making the latter – and it’s all about the TOPPINGS.

Recently, our friends at Sambazon restocked our acai supply in the office kitchen (we know, our jobs come with perks!). We whipped up a few acai bowls right away – obviously – and the bowls were as good as ever. But the detail none of us could stop talking about was a jar of granola-like superfood sprinkles the brand had also sent us to enjoy with the bowls. Now we’re adding this sprinkle mix onto everything we whip up in the blender.

We asked the Sambazon team to share their recipe for this magical little topping blend and we’re sharing it below. If you’re still going strong with your acai bowl obsession, make this mix and take things to the next level. If you’ve overdosed on acai, but are ready to get back in the game, this is the way to do it! Try this mix of cacao nibs, chia seeds and other wonders and thank us later. We’re hooked! Experiment with our other acai bowl recipes here and here.

TCM Editor’s Picks: This gorgeous ceramic bowl comes to us from the Japanese Scandinavian designers at Studio Arhoj. We’re obsessed! 

Superfruit Acai Bowl + Topping Mix


For the acai base:
2 unsweetened Sambazon Superfruit Packs
1/2 banana
1/2 cup frozen berries
1/2 avocado
1/4-inch ginger root, peeled
1/4 cup liquid of choice (almond milk, hemp milk, etc.)

For the topping:
goji berries
coconut shavings
cacao nibs


To prepare the topping mix, combine a desired amount of granola, goji berries, coconut shavings, cocoa nibs and cashews together. Set aside.

Allow the Superfruit packs to soften in room temperature for 2 – 3 minutes, or run under water to thaw. Cut the pack in half with a knife and add to a blender.

Add 3/4 of the banana to the blender (save the other 1/4 for a topping, if desired). Add frozen berries, avocado and ginger root. Add half of the liquid (you want to start with a little and then add more as needed). If you are not happy with the consistency, continue to add liquid while blending.

Pour into a bowl and top with banana slices and the topping blend. Serve right away and enjoy!

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