Looking at health in a holistic way and understanding the deep inter-relation between our emotions, food choices, hormones, lifestyle choices and overall health is a revelation for some of us. In an age when nutrition, medicine, beauty, emotional health – and just about everything else – are compartmentalized into their own little boxes, it can be a real eye-opener to hear about the deep connections between the way we live, eat, feel and look.

That’s why we love to chat with holistic experts like Danielle Cuccio, a Beverly Hills-based holistic health coach who focuses on helping clients to achieve vibrant health on many levels. Starting as an aesthetician – a passion grown from her own teenage struggles with hormonal skin problems – Danielle soon found that treating skin “superficially” just didn’t cut it and began sourcing deeper solutions for her clients. Here’s Danielle with a little about how she happened upon her own unique approach to coaching and a few tips to achieve glowing health from the inside out…

After I became an esthetician, working full-time trying to make clients’ skin look as good as I could, I began to realize that my clients needed solutions that went much more than skin deep.

At the time, I had become obsessed with yoga. “Yogis” had the best skin and were much more open to a whole and healthy lifestyle. I became yoga certified and an ayurveda practitioner, took a few anatomy classes at UCLA, and took courses in meditation. What I found was that the good health of our skin is the result of much more than a good facial, but is affected by our diet, our exercise routines, our thoughts and our levels of relaxation.

Putting it all together, I decided to label my practice “somatology” (“so-ma”= the body / “tol-o-gy”= the study of), which includes the study of the body and assisting others in improving their general wellness and aesthetic appearance through the practice of holistic lifestyle. Before I knew it, my practice was attracting top producers, actors and doctors in LA, and once seeing the results they were experiencing, I decided to expand my practice as much as I could.

Real beauty comes from within. Your skin says everything about the kind of lifestyle you lead and most skin problems originate internally – the body is one whole integrated system so what’s going on inside our bodies will show up on our skin as well. When we become more aware of our bodies and our minds, a shift starts to occur. A shift we can learn to achieve every day. That feeling of inner health shows up externally on our face and skin more than the best facial ever could. Here are a few of my core values to think about and a few tips to apply right away.

The 5 Principles Of Somatology

Yoga/Proper Exercise

The practice of yoga calms the nervous system while it also gives your body physical exercise that releases endorphins and toxins.

Eating Well/Proper Diet

Your digestive health isn’t something you always think about, but it plays a major role in our overall health, happiness, mood and skin!

Meditation/Positive Thinking

How are we supposed to know what’s going on with our bodies and minds if we don’t even take two seconds to stop and check in?! It’s in those still moments that you know who you are, and connect to a more loving, joyful and peaceful state. It’s in this state that we see things clearly and think rationally.

Proper Relaxation & Sleep

Taking time in your day to enjoy yourself and let go, lets you tap into the parasympathetic nervous system. Take a walk on the beach, enjoy a glass of wine (yes, it’s allowed!), hold hands with a friend… Do whatever it is that allows you to let go. Also, sleep 7-8 hours a night.

Skin Care

Take into consideration your skin care routine. Cleanse, tone, moisturize, SPF!


Apple Cider Vinegar

Gross as it might taste, this super drink aids the digestive system and promotes pH balance. Our blood is slightly alkaline, however, we tend to eat acidic foods. Apple cider vinegar is alkaline, bringing our bodies back to a slightly more alkaline atmosphere where our bodies function and digest more efficiently. One shot of ACV with warm lemon water in the morning will do the trick!


I can’t stress the importance of your digestive health! Probiotics balance out the bacteria in your gut, which also has an effect on your immune system. It’s proven that the brain and the gastrointestinal (GI) system are intimately connected so it also has an effect on your mood!

The 80/20 Rule

80% of your diet should be plant-based, emphasizing vegetables, fruits, legumes and whole grains, and the other 20% can be where you slack off and enjoy things like cookies, pizza, a cupcake or whatever you are craving! I 100% believe in treating yourself!


Yoga allows us to connect to our body in a deeper way. When we do this we can connect more intuitively to our bodies, allowing us to pay more attention to our diets, sleep patterns and overall wellbeing. I practice and teach power yoga to keep my body in shape, especially during bikini season! This is always the first step with my clients, and the greatest impact both physically and emotionally. My first yoga DVD was just released – I make sure to take it with me when traveling so I can practice anywhere!


This one I don’t see people doing enough. Pick up a cleanser with jojoba beads or a light microdermabrasion cream cleanser. Use 1-2 times a week in the shower on your face. Get rid of dead skin-cell buildup and let your skin radiate!

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