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Cranberry season is here. While there are plenty of Thanksgiving recipes that call for the tart berry, we have a healthy cranberry smoothie recipe you can use to make the best of those leftover berries that doesn’t involve more carbs or gravy…

The Problem: Sometimes overzealous food shoppers can pick up too much of certain seasonal foods in anticipation of large Thanksgiving portions. All that extra food leads to all that extra eating! How can we avoid letting that extra goodness go to waste without stuffing yourselves for days?

The Solution: Use those extra berries in this superfruit smoothie. Cranberries are known to help promote urinary tract health and are chock-full of antioxidants. They’re also filled with fiber and vitamin C. We’ve added goji berries which are high in vitamin A, chia seeds to help boost fiber levels and supply omega-3s and spirulina powder for a quick punch of greens. The spirulina helps with everything from toxin removal to certain types of allergies; it’s also extremely calcium rich. Apples help promote digestive health, which is important in the wake of a food-heavy holiday like Thanksgiving.

Whip this smoothie up the morning before hitting Black Friday sales and you’ll be on your way toward a healthier holiday season!

Cranberry Almond “Leftovers” Smoothie


1 apple
1/2 cup cranberries, or more for additional tartness
1 tsp honey
1 tsp spirulina powder
1 tsp chia seeds
1 tsp dried goji berries
1 bottle Pressed Juicery Spiced Almond Milk
3-5 ice cubes for consistency


Blend all ingredients until smooth, making sure to add the ice cubes and cranberries (if frozen) first. Taste for sweetness. Add more cranberries if desired. Pour and enjoy!

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