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hiya offerAllison Oswald is a board-certified women’s health doctor of physical therapy and the secret weapon of mothers across Los Angeles looking to prep or recoup from birth and beyond. We find ourselves turning to Allison for all thing mom-related and asked her to review our latest kids wellness obsession, Hiya…  

As a women’s health practitioner, I know the importance of optimizing my immune system. Over the years I have guided women across their lifespan to do the same. But, when I became a mother, that focus grew exponentially. It was no longer all about me (and my husband), but about passing on healthy habits to my growing boys.

Pretty naturally, our three boys have picked up on the wellness practices that are threaded through our family life. Things such as the importance of sleep, hydration, exercise, expressing emotion and fueling our bodies with nutritious food.

I love to cook for my family, so that part of my children’s nutrition hasn’t been a challenge for me. But I know that, these days, diet is often not enough, which is where supplements need to come into the picture.
Finding the best vitamins to support my kids’ developing bodies is where I have found myself struggling the most. Being introduced to the new children’s vitamin brand Hiya was something of a godsend.

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The Best Vitamins for Kids: Do They Need Them (and Which Ones)?

Most of the vitamins I’ve tried for my kids — and I feel like I have tried them all! — are filled with sugars, fillers and dyes. Just take a look at what you have in your cupboard right now, you might be shocked, I know I was when I first received our first month of Hiya.

I have stood dazed in the vitamin aisle time and time again searching for a vitamin without as much sugar as a piece of candy. That said, they still need to taste good so that my kids will actually eat them daily!

I’ve never been able to find a kid’s multivitamin that has all the key ingredients they need — and none of the ingredients they don’t.

Thankfully, there were two dads that were in the same predicament as I was. Instead of walking away or settling for something low quality, they actually did something about the kid’s supplement issue. Together, the founders of Hiya created a kid’s multivitamin parents can easily get behinid. Hiya checks all the boxes for me:

+ A chewable multivitamin with no sugar added

+ Pressed with a blend of 12 organic veggies and fruits

+ 15 essential vitamins and minerals based on modern guidelines…they’ve done the work to know what kids really need.

+ Sweetened with only monk fruit and mannitol (Most kids consume way too much sugar!)

+ Hiya is non-GMO, vegan, dairy-free, allergy-free, gelatin-free, nut-free and everything else you can imagine.

+ Tastes delicious (My kids say that they taste like Sweet Tarts!)hiya subscription code

Our first Hiya order came in a super cute glass bottle. Not only is your child’s bottle refillable, but they can decorate it with the fun stickers that are included. These are a game changer! It’s always the little things like this that get kids excited.

Eco-friendly refills delivered right to your door when you need them…

Hiya was formulated with nutritional experts to fill the gaps in the modern kid’s diet. It is supercharged with fifteen essential vitamins and minerals, including vitamin D, B12, C, Zinc, Folate, and many others to help support immunity, energy, brain function, mood, concentration, teeth, bones, and more. All of this is pediatrician approved, which gives me such peace of mind and satisfaction. You can feel confident about giving your children what is best

I also really love the refillable glass bottle (1 customizable bottle per child) because it means less waste and more freshness. I have come to learn that vitamins can lose their efficacy over time when left on the shelf or in a warehouse for too long, so the monthly delivery eliminates that concern completely. It also saves me a trip to the store, giving me extra time to do ALL the things. Anything that gives me time and I don’t have to think about it is a true gift.

Hiya has become part of our family’s wellness routine. I can feel confident giving it to all my boys knowing they are being supported. They actually like the taste of Hiya and most of the time are the ones reminding me to give it to them in the morning! So if you’re in the same boat as me, and would rather stay out of the overwhelming and dissatisfying vitamin aisle, I could not recommend Hiya for your family more.

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