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High To Low: 20 Gifts For Every Kitchen
For the coconut lover: spoon + cleaver

A strange gift at first glance. But trust us, for the pal that lives on coconut water and relies on young coconuts for recipes, this little combo will be a life-saver! A simple plastic scraping spoon from a kitchen supply store will make cleaning out the meat from a coconut easier than you could imagine and a giant steel cleaver (also from a kitchen supply store) will make opening said nut a 1-minute process.

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High To Low: 20 Gifts For Every Kitchen

From the bare essentials to the avant-garde, the practical to the down-right fantastical, here is our list of top holiday kitchen gifts to give or be given! There is something for everyone, whether your friends are trendy or traditional, raw or slow-cookers. Get to shopping and keep a few of these items in mind for your own Christmas list as well.

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