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High To Low: 20 Gifts For Every Kitchen
For the new couple in the kitchen: Greenpan non-stick pans

This is the kind of breakthrough product we love to see. Choosing between non-stick and non-toxic used to be a thing. Now you can have it all! Greenpan's entire line of non-stick cookware is free of PTFE and contains no silicone oil, but instead relies on mineral-based technology. This is a set of pots and pans makes the perfect gift for foodie newlyweds. 

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High To Low: 20 Gifts For Every Kitchen

From the bare essentials to the avant-garde, the practical to the down-right fantastical, here is our list of top holiday kitchen gifts to give or be given! There is something for everyone, whether your friends are trendy or traditional, raw or slow-cookers. Get to shopping and keep a few of these items in mind for your own Christmas list as well.

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