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Herbal infusion Blends are powerful tools for improving skin and inducing glow. We love keeping a massive bottle of some planty brew on our desks and sipping it down all day. How do you know which herbs to combine for your skin type? Our friends at Food Matters teamed up with Annmarie Skin Care to curate a list of targeted herbal teas for boosting hydration, brightening complexion and doubling down on everything you hoped that expensive serum would take care of…

The loveliest thing about herbs is how versatile they are. Most herbs have a myriad of actions associated with them, so it isn’t hard to come up with tasty herbal infusion blends that do a lot of good in your body. We’re always looking for ways to keep our skin glowing and youthful and a good tea blend can offer us some really beautiful results! When you’re creating herbal infusion blends (or any kind of herbal formula) you always want to look at what your goal is and what issues might be standing in the way of that goal. It might be obvious, but when the goal is ‘youthful skin’ you want to work to counter the causes of aging.

On Reducing the Appearance of Aging…

There’s no way to slow down time, so let’s think about aging in a different way. As we age our DNA is changed and damaged by natural wear and tear. We breathe oxygen to live, so we are literally oxidizing our bodies every time we take a breath. Our cells are fed by glucose, so our body breaks down our nutrients into sugars. Though many of us consume too much sugar — and that’s something we can work on — glycation is a natural part of the living process.

Stress is also a natural part of our lives — without a bit of stress we would have a hard time accomplishing our goals. Over time, stress hormones and especially excess stress are considered to have a negative effect on us — yet again, it’s another part of aging.

Since we know the actions of herbs through the knowledge that has been passed down through the ages and (very recently) through scientifically breaking down plants into their constituents, we’re able to directly reduce the look of aging on the skin. But let’s go a little bit deeper and create some tasty, youthful skin teas based on skin type.

3 Herbal Infusion Blends Based on Skin Type

When you’re making herbal infusion blends for daily use, you want to work with gentle tonic herbs that will help bring your skin into balance rather than a tea blend that will push your skin in the opposite direction. Additionally, I ascribe to the traditional way to drink tea — I suggest steeping tea 2-3 times before throwing out your herbs. This will make sure that you’re getting all of the nutrients out of your herbs (some take longer to be released), you’ll have more water in your body, and your blend will last much longer. I also suggest supporting your local herb store for your tea blend. Here are 3 blends to try:

Youthful Skin Tea For Oily Skin | If you’re experiencing oily skin, you want to add herbs that will help balance out your skin. Cleansing and cooling herbs are helpful and great creating balance in the whole system. Combine ingredients in equal parts — steep 2-3 times:

Lemon balm
Burdock root

Youthful Skin Tea For Dry Skin | What you’re experiencing on the outside of the body is really indicative to what’s happening internally. If you have dry skin externally, I always add juicy herbs to help support to the skin. Combine ingredients in equal parts — steep 2-3 times:

Marshmallow root

Youthful Skin Tea For Combination Skin | Combination skin is the most difficult to work with externally, but internal skin work is all about balance! We want to focus on nutrients and minerals to help feed the skin so that it can balance itself. Combine ingredients in equal parts — steep 2-3 times:

Dandelion root
Nettle leaf
Burdock root
Schizandra berries

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