It seems to happen at the change of seasons — we’re zooming along with our regular skincare routine when slowly we begin to realize our skin is at a plateau and has stopped giving us that glow.

When this happens, don’t panic – and don’t heed the temptation to do something extreme.  It may be time to swap in new products to your routine or simple adjust your routine. It may be as simple as doubling down on hydration for a few days or making a splurge on a knowledgable pro.

Here’s what to do to take our skincare routine to the next level…

Stop Everything.  From brow conditioner to lip scrub, there is a wider variety of products these days than ever before. If you have a tendency to do the most with your skincare routine, it may simply be that your skin is ready for a break. Just like a good detox or a fitness rest day, if you feel you’ve plateaued, taking a few days to rest your system can be the best choice. Skin can become reactive or overworked by too many products.

Try washing your face with water only for a few days and follow up with a good fact mist afterward and throughout the day. Learn about the benefits of washing with water alone here.

see a pro. Sometimes you just need a professional’s perspective to get a stagnant skincare routine moving and shaking again. It’s amazing what a couple of expert treatments, spa-grade machines and a well-trained eye can do for your glow. Medical microcurrent is one of our favorite treatments for a quick lift and complexion boost. This reiki facial is another kind of secret sauce. Check out a few more of our most-loved natural facials in LA here.

adjust to Skin changes. Our skin can change over time and even with the seasons. Take stock of your go-to products and re-evaluate from time to time: do you need a richer moisturizer than you once did? Do you need less exfoliation than you did last season? Listen to your skin. What worked a few years ago or even last spring might not be what you skin needs now. Take stock of your skincare habits: are you committed to a product or protocol because it gave you a glow once upon a time? How long has it been since you put the routine in place? Evaluate any changes in your skin or your environment and consider a change.

focus on Hydration.Commit to being super hydrated just for one week and see how it affects your skin. At the core of so many skin issues is often plain old dehydration. Our bodies are mostly made up of water and our skin is our largest organ — you do the math. When we’re dehydrated, our skin can tell us so, often through dullness, redness, lack of tone, increase in oil production and sometimes breakouts. Focus on drinking plenty of water for a week and tamping down on dehydrating foods and beverages – see if you notice any difference.

Mask It Up.  Skin feeling dull? Dry? Congested? Oily? There’s a mask for that. Don’t be afraid to use a variety of masks throughout the week. We often get a series of mask treatments at one time during a spa facial and have learned to model that behavior at home too. For example, try rotating between a firming, drawing clay mask and a deeply hydrating mask during the course of a week. Depending on your skin’s needs, rotate through these special treatments and get a variety of benefits. Just be sure not to try more than one new mask at a time.

ice your skin. Skin inflammation can cause a slew of issues. While the best way to address it is from the inside out, we’ve got a quick homemade hack to reduce redness, puffiness and dullness: freeze green tea or beauty tea into ice cubes and roll those suckers all over your face. Learn more about the process and benefits of skin icing here.

Relax, But Really. Stress shows up on your skin, so remember to relax. Not only does stress aggravate most health and skin conditions, but remember that skin woes for a couple of weeks aren’t the end of the world. If skin is acting up, pay attention to what else is going on in life. Be gentle with yourself and focus on providing yourself with nourishing rest. This too shall pass. Discover a few amazing ways to reduce stress daily here.

try herbal infusions. Nourishing herbs for skin and hair can have a potent effect. Steep herbs of your choice in water and keep a bottle tucked in the fridge so you can sip on herbal infusions all day long. Herbal infusions are like gentle, hydrating supplements. Discover an amazing beauty infusion recipe to start with here.

What do you do when you’re in a skincare crisis or need skin to look it’s very best?

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