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Thanksgiving Can Be a joy to celebrate with friends and family — thought they might not feel the same if you’re that weirdo who brings a Tupperware full of Keto-approved food to the feast. Teasing aside, we’re aware of how hard it can be to bounce back after diving off the deep end of indulgence. Fortunately, a few simple tweaks to a traditional Thanksgiving food lineup can be the difference between a happy holiday and a downward spiral.

This year has been the year of Keto — a high fat, low carb, moderate protein nutritional protocol that offers major benefits, but also major restrictions. If you’ve been putting effort into staying on track with a Keto diet regimen, a massive, indulgent dinner can provoke more anxiety than excitement. We’ve got your back.

Just ahead, we’re sharing a delicious, crowd-pleasing Keto-friendly Thanksgiving menu that highlights healthy fats, clean proteins and as few carbs as possible. While these dishes fall within the general guidelines of the Keto diet, remember to exercise a sense of balance when diving in. Get inspired with this gorgeous collection of recipes that won’t send you flying off track…

10 Recipes For A Keto-Friendly Thanksgiving

Turkey | If you’re sticking to a Keto Thanksgiving, be sure to load your plate with plenty of turkey! The clean protein is an ideal addition, and nearly any preparation will do but generally speaking, the simple the recipe the better. Cover the bird with herbs, spices and some kind of healthy fat, pop it into the oven and roast away. This Keto-friendly turkey recipe is a winner in our books.

Keto Gravy | We discovered this Keto-friendly gravy recipe on Pintertest and can’t wait to give it a whirl. Dried mushrooms and fresh herbs give it a bold, earthy taste. Coconut milk makes it rich and creamy. Your guests won’t know what they’re missing.

Whole Roasted Cauliflower | A beautiful presentation and a total breeze to make (no chopping), this whole-roasted cauliflower is an easy veggie dish that could easily pass as your main if you’re not the turkey type. Topped with a bit of brown butter for a kick of craving-curbing fat, this simple yet flavorful recipe is sure to be a hit.

Grain-Free Stuffing | Who said stuffing has to be loaded with carbohydrates? We stumbled upon this Keto Thanksgiving stuffing from Food Network, and it doesn’t contain a stitch of bread. The flavor and texture comes from a fab mix of protein-packed sausage, fiber-rich veggies and anti-inflammatory herbs galore.

Low-Sugar Cranberry Sauce | If you’re really hardcore about Keto, we recommend skipping the c-sauce altogether. But if you’re willing to make room for a scoop of this sweet and tangy classic, there is an easy way to reduce the sugar. This cranberry sauce recipe, which is keto and paleo friendly

Kale Salad | The best way to stay on track during Thanksgiving dinner is to fill your plate with as many low-carb, high-fiber veggies as possible. We love this hearty grilled kale salad from integrative nutritionist, Jennie Miremadi. Loaded with flavor and texture (almond flour “breadcrumbs” we’re looking at you) this simple yet sophisticated dish is a perfect compliment to the rest of your spread.

Roasted Veggies | The simplest and safest recipe for a Keto Thanksgiving dinner is any version of roasted veggies. It’s the perfect way to display whatever seasonal veggies are filling up your farmers market tote. Get our guide to making flawless roasted veggies, every time, right here. Top your veggies with a fresh and clean pesto like this one made from carrot tops, or a big dap of homemade herb butter for a Keto-approved boost of flavor. Looking for something a little more impressive? Make this recipe for roasted cabbage with lentils and a smokey cheese sauce.

Cauliflower Mash |  Mashed potatoes are a major part of a traditional Thanksgiving — nothing soaks up gravy better than a pillowy mound of buttery potatoes. For a lower carb alternative that won’t leave you feeling deprived, this cauliflower mash from clean food blogger, The Healthy Foodie, is amazing. The flavor is just right and the texture is spot on — not an easy feat for a faux.

Persimmon Parsnip Soup | This seasonal soup from superfood chef, Julie Morris, is a hyper-seasonal showstopper for Thanksgiving. While the addition of fruit in this recipe it might push the boundaries of your Keto diet a bit, there are no other majorly sabotaging ingredients to fear. Enjoy in moderation and thank us later.

Breadless Buns | If you’re craving something soft and ready to bite into or use to soak up all the flavors on your plate, look no further than this Keto bread roll recipe. Light and fluffy and loaded with protein from almond flour, it’s an absolutely perfect compliment to your Thanksgiving plate, especially right out of the oven. These flax-seed rolls from the Hemsley Sisters are another fave.

Are you celebrating a Keto Thanksgiving? Which recipes are you planning on making? Share with the community in the comments!

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