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    Our 9 Best Healthy Holiday Cookie Recipes of All Time

    Holiday cookies are a highlight of the season. The only thing more satisfying than spending cozy nights baking up a storm is sharing the fruits of our labor with family and friends. There’s nothing wrong with a tower of traditional chocolate chip cookies or butter-blasted shortbread, but if we’re going to keep cookies around why not make them clean too?

    We’re sharing our all-time favorite healthy cookie recipes that give all the satisfaction of holiday baking (and snacking) but with nutrient-rich superfood ingredients in place of some of the more common, and less gut-friendly ones. Even your most indulgent friend will love sinking their teeth into one of these beautiful babies.

    From gluten-free thumbprint cookies to ashwagandha shortbread, channel your inner Julia Child and dive deep into this lineup of healthy holiday cookies…

    9 Healthy Holiday Cookies You’ll Love

    woman baking healthy holiday cookies dipped in chocolateHazelnut Cookies Dipped in Salted Cacao Ganache | These cacao ganache dipped hazelnut cookies are made all the more magical with these sugared sage leaves – absolutely stunning on the table and surprisingly easy to make. The cookies are as adaptable as they are adorable. Get The Recipe

    Not-So-Naughty Thumbprint Cookies | These thumbprint cookies from Laurel Gallucci of Sweet Laurel Bakery capture all the cuteness and crave-ability of the classic version, but without any naughty ingredients. Holiday miracle or just the kitchen wizardry of our fave grain-free, dairy-free baking babe, Laurel? We’d guess it’s a bit of both. Get The Recipe

    Raw Cookies Made In The Dehydrator | This protein-rich cookie recipe is adapted from Raw: The Uncook Book. Try them raw as cookie dough balls (they’re totally safe) or dehydrate them for a more traditional cookie – the cookies are rich in nutrients that don’t get diluted through the baking process.  Get The Recipe

    plate with healthy holiday cookies trufflesClean Cookie Dough Truffles | These lovely little cookie dough bites from plant-based food blogger Laura Wright of The First Mess capture the flavor and texture of classic cookie dough, but with clean, real ingredients that give us every excuse to enjoy with abandon. Get The Recipe

    Turmeric + Ashwagandha Shortbread Cookies | We were blown away by these superfood-infused shortbread cookies while on the farm with Gaia Herbs. The enormous organic farm’s chef whipped them up for us using a secret ingredient – Gaia’s Golden Milk – including ashwagandha grown right there on the property. Get The Recipe

    Molasses Oatmeal Whoopie Pies | Veggie-blogger Jessica Murnane of One Part Plant surveyed the vegetarian food scene to collect all the best tips and recipes for plant-based cookies she could find, including these plant-based beauties. Get The Recipe

    stack of raw healthy holiday cookiesOreo-esque Raw Sandwich Cookies | In this classic cookie re-boot, almonds and hazelnuts offer protein and healthy fats, and our fave almond milk cream cheese makes a luscious dairy-free filling. Best of all, there’s no refined sugar or dubious baking process to hold us back from snack perfection… Get The Recipe

    Paleo Raspberry Cookie Crumb Bars | These paleo raspberry crumble bars deliver everything you may be missing on a paleo diet. (Hello, crumbling crust!) These bars come from British ballerina and wellness blogger, Saskia Gregson-Williams of Naturally Sassy whose ballet-inspired online workouts we’ve been loving. Get The Recipe

    Pink Peppercorn Shortbread with Pressed Herbs | For a chic and natural twist on decorated cookies, Lori Stern taught us to press fresh herbs from rosemary to pink peppercorns right into the peppercorn shortbread (the cookies can easily be made gluten-free). Get The Recipe

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