Healthy Hit List: Summer Fruits in L.A.

Local farmer’s markets are bursting with gorgeous summer fruits. Take a look at these hotspots around Los Angeles – gathered by our friend Tara of The Tara List – that artfully incorporate stone fruits and berries of the summer at their peak of ripeness. Get ’em while you can!

Huckleberry Cafe– (Santa Monica) You can always depend on Huckleberry to bring you the most delicious summertime fruits. Picked weekly, the summer fruits shine in their crostatas, fruit layer cakes, fresh fruit tarts, and trifles. Fruits like boysenberries, mulberries, figs, peaches, and strawberries make their way into the desserts here.

Sweet Rose Creamery (Brentwood)  Sweet Rose’s ever-changing special flavors are inspired by the weekly farmer’s markets. During summer, Chef Shiho has a way of making the local fruit shine, with flavors such as Peaches and Cream, Blueberry Muffin, Candied Blood Orange with Vanilla Wafer Cookie, Summer Melon, Plum Sherbert, Sweet Corn, and Nectarine Sorbet. If it’s on the menu, it’s in season.

SQIRL– (Silverlake) The queen of local and seasonal, Jessica Koslow, knows her jam. She bottles up the best fruits into her special preserves, with combinations such as Strawberry Rose, Blueberry Rhubarb, and Snow White Nectarine. Summer fruits preserve their peak ripeness in SQIRL’s irresistible jams, so you can enjoy bits of summer throughout the year.

Forage– (Silverlake) Summer fruits find their way into Forage’s array of sweets, which are perfect to take home on warm summer days. Known for their local seasonal finds, Forage finds scrumptious fruits to add to their pies, cheesecakes and tarts. A favorite is the blueberry pie, which just screams summer.

FarmShop– (Brentwood) The perfect place for all things farm, Brentwood’s FarmShop has a menu rife with gorgeous farmer’s market finds. From their salads to desserts, you will find perfectly ripe figs, cherries, peaches, pluots, corn, and blackberries that have been incorporated into dishes to showcase their utmost deliciousness.

Valerie Confections– (Various Locations) If you’re into the LA farmer’s market scene, you probably know Valerie. Her hand-crafted treats are filled with the produce you’ve browsed, and she really rocks what’s seasonal in her hand pies, muffins, and more. With two brick and mortar locations popping up, you can get your fruit-fix on daily.

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