Healthy Hit List: The Best Brussel Sprouts From Top Chefs

We’re rounding up dishes from the top resto’s around the country – all with one ingredient in mind. This month, it’s brussel sprouts. Love ’em or hate em, there are a million ways to make ’em and there is something here for everyone. Blogger Tara Sowlaty of The Tara List is making foodies everywhere proud with her must-hit list of best sprouts dishes from both coasts and a couple spots in between.

Momofuku (NYC):

Brussel sprouts are always rotating on the menus of David Chang’s Momofuku restaurants.  My favorites were with ones from Ssam Bar.  They are deliciously overcooked and mixed with fish sauce, mint, cilantro, garlic and crispy puffed rice.  The flavors and textures in this dish are out of this world

Red Medicine (LA):

Red Medicine, part of the Umami Group, is a modern Vietnamese restaurant with some special Brussel sprouts. They are charred with fish sauce, caramelized shallots and vermouth.  I promise you won’t be able to stop eating these.

Dell’Anima (NYC):

Dell’Anima is one of the best spots in the West Village, and it’s only a bonus that their Brussel sprouts are incredible.  If the sprouts are on the menu, definitely order them! I love how Dell’Anima adds a sweetness and new texture with dried cherries, smoked pumpkin seeds and caramelized red onion. (Tip: ask for some shaved Parmesan on top!)

illili (NYC):

This Mediterranean restaurant in Midtown adds a unique twist to their fabulous Brussel sprouts dish.  These are made with grapes, fig jam, chunky walnuts and mint yogurt.

Alta (NYC):

Tapas are the perfect form for Brussel sprouts, and this cute Mediterranean spot serves up quite unique crispy ones.  With the addition of fuji apples, a little creme fraiche and pistachios, these Brussels are so memorable.

Rouge et Blanc (NYC):

This little romantic French-Vietnamese restaurant in Soho cooks up some of the best sprouts I’ve ever had.  They fry up tiny Brussel sprouts to perfection and cover them in this lemony, tangy sauce of lime, garlic and pickled chilies.  You’ll probably end up ordering at least two of these!

Baco Mercat (LA):

Baco Mercat in Downtown is doing something creative with Brussels sprouts – they use them as a medium for salad.  The Caesar Brussel sprouts dish is made with Pecorino, anchovy and garlic, and it’s quite reminiscent of a Caesar salad.

Larchmont Grill (LA):

Come here for some simple and delicious Brussels.  They are known as the balsamic glazed Brussel sprouts, and they are sweet and tangy and oh so divine – almost like little jewels of vegetable candy.

Freddy Smalls (LA):

Freddy Smalls knows how it’s done.  Their Brussel sprouts are made with smoked goat cheese and an apple cider glaze. The crisp and char on these Brussels will convert anyone into a Brussels sprout lover.

Cafe Gratititude (LA):

These Brussel sprouts are simple and healthy, just grilled and charred to the perfect degree!

Cleo (LA):

Don’t dismiss this trendy Hollywood eatery when it comes to their Brussel sprouts.  Cleo makes some super delicious Mediterranean-style Brussels sprouts, with a special addition of hazelnuts.  They are crunchy, sweet and salty all in one.

RPM Italian (Chicago):

I love this Brussel sprout salad!  It is shredded and mixed with avocado and a tangy dressing, and topped with crunchy breadcrumbs – mmm!

Marlowe (San Francisco):

Brussel sprout chips.  Think kale chips but instead with Brussels sprouts! They are made with lemon and sea salt, so they are like little tangy crisps of goodness.

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