Healthy Hit List: Holiday Spice

Spice it up this season! Whether it’s nutmeg in your soup or cinnamon in your tea, get your spice on with one of a million holiday dishes from hotspots around the country. From the best gingerbread cookies in LA to New York’s finest cinnamon rolls, we dishing up the ‘spiciest’ winter treats thanks to our friends at The Tara List.

One Lucky Duck (NYC): The raw/vegan haven in NYC luckily ships their fabulous cinnamon striped square cookies across the country. Crunchy and sweet with hints of cinnamon and nutmeg, these cookies are all raw and handmade with almond flour. They’re so addicting and the right choice to quell your cinnamon cravings!

Pressed Juicery (LA): Pressed Juicery’s holiday spiced almond milk is absolutely divine! They take their original almond milk – which consists of almond, dates, vanilla bean, sea salt and filtered water – and add the perfect dose of cardamom, cinnamon and nutmeg. Snatch up this drink while you can because it’s seasonal. They ship nationwide!

Hatfield’s (LA): The Michelin star restaurant in West Hollywood has a fabulous dessert precisely for the seasons: sugar & spice beignets with Venezuelan chocolate fondue and an earl gray milkshake. The sugar, spice and earl gray tea are just a match made in heaven, and you’ll definitely feel the holiday spirit with this perfectly portioned dessert.

Sycamore Kitchen (LA): This splendid breakfast and lunch spot, which uses the best of the best ingredients, has cinnamon pecan meringue gingerbread that you will love. Crunchy, sweet and full of gingerbread flavor, this meringue finishes off perfectly with their iced Cubano drink: cinnamon, espresso and milk.

The Cinnamon Snail (NYC, NJ): This vegan food truck’s signature Cinnamon Snail cinnamon bun is cinnamon spice heaven! Doughy, gooey and packed with cinnamon goodness, this glazed-to-perfection bun will definitely please your health consciousness.

Real Food Daily (LA): Chef and owner Ann Gentry has really perfected the art of vegan baking. One bite of her gingerbread cookies and you will be addicted; chewy yet crisp on the edges, this cookie packs in strong ginger flavor with some cinnamon notes. This cookie should definitely be on your list of treats this holiday season.

Amy’s Bread (NYC): The famous bread bakery in NYC sells perfectly sized and portioned cinnamon twists, which combine flakey dough and cinnamon swirls into a perfect on-the-go holiday treat! Not too sweet, but just right on the spice notes.

Susan Feniger’s Street (LA): This playful restaurant in LA takes inspiration from global street food. Their spiced chai Assam drink, made with cinnamon, green cardamom, pepper, ginger and cloves, is the quintessential spiced drink. This drink is perfect for the spice lover in you; a little middle Eastern flavor and a lot of yumminess!

Pip’s Place (NYC): Pip’s Place gluten-free bakery bakes up some delicious gingersnap cookies. 100% gluten free, soft, moist, with excellent deep ginger flavor, you can get your ginger fix without all the unnecessary gluten!

Pepple’s Donuts (San Fran):  Organic vegan donuts?  Yes, Pepple’s has answered all of our prayers, and with their cinnamon sugar donut, you can embrace holiday spices and sweets in a healthier way.  This is a donut you can really sink your teeth into.

The Market on Holly (Pasadena): This delightful marketplace in Pasadena bakes up nutmeg doughnuts. Healthy because they’re not fried, these morsels of doughy goodness are packed full with wonderful nutmeg flavor you can dive right into.

OatMeals (NYC): OatMeals, the oatmeal only shop, makes ginger oatmeal cookies and cinnamon oatmeal cookies, both of which are packed full with heart-healthy oats that will keep you fuller longer and keep your blood sugar low. Isn’t it just wonderful when we can eat our sweets and be healthy, too?!

Compartes Chocolates (LA): Artisan, hand-crafted chocolatier Compartes offers mouth-watering holiday chocolate truffles filled with holiday spices! The cinnamon latte, gingerbread and blackberry sage spiced truffles will all delight your holiday chocolate needs. Everything is made with organic, natural ingredients without preservatives, and they ship these special chocolates around the country, too!

Simple Squares (Chicago): Savory, sweet, whole-grain, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, refined-sugar free and organic treats!  Simple Squares come in holiday spice mixes such as cinnamon clove, rosemary and sage. These healthy, spiced-filled treats are what you need to stay on track this holiday season, and luckily, you can order them online.

CakeBites (NY): These vegan, gluten-free treats, handmade in Brooklyn and available online, are truly scrumptious. Part cake, part truffle, CakeBites are little balls of sweet goodness made with organic ingredients, premium chocolates and unrefined sweeteners. The gingerbread white chocolate flavor is filled with organic cinnamon, ginger and cloves, then enrobed in white chocolate with cinnamon dusting – you’ll love this treat bursting with holiday spices!

Flour Bakery Cafe (Boston): Flour Bakery is one of the best bakeries in the country; they source the best of the best ingredients and offer countless vegetarian and nut-free options. Their ginger molasses cookie is addicting, spicy and chewy – all the things you want out of a ginger cookie! And this holiday season, they also offer nutmeg spiced cake that is vegetarian and nut-free, and it’s oh so divine.

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