There are dinner parties and there are dinner parties. To wrap up summer right, we joined Sun Potion’s Nitsa Citrine and Sima Morrison of House of Citrine late last month for what they called a “high vibrational” gathering with forty of our favorite wellness friends here in L.A.

There were so many Chalkboardy elements to the evening we knew we had to share all the positive intention and dinner party details with readers. Below, Nitsa explains a few of the key factors that will help you to throw a more healthful, intentional dinner party or your own. (It’s all about the tonic cocktails!)

Plan your party With Intention:
Meditate on how you want your evening to feel for guests and commit to a theme. Our ideas for the evening included Persian luxury and high vibrational California freshness. I realize it may sound a little nerdy to meditate on your party plans, but it will unify the whole thing!

Plant-based power packed menu:
Select a menu which will inspire and nourish your group. Always organic, locally sourced, and/or a higher quality. We opted to call in the master Chef Greg Arnold to create vegan, plant-based fare with gluten-free options, all spiked with Tournefortia’s healing spices and our Sun Potion tonic herbs and superfoods. Some dishes included palo santo smoked watermelon and a green adaptogen-infused hummus served with fresh veggies and edible flowers. The cashew brie with pickled mustard and candied kumquat was beyond!

Create a Sacred space:
I love the idea of creating a sacred space for enjoying a meal. For this event, we approached the table as an altar of sorts. We wanted one long, light-filled, table with some beautiful details but enough space for people to breathe and appreciate the food. The vibe was minimal, bright, natural – white with gold accents. Sima and I brought out some favorite crystals from our personal collection and a few gorgeous pieces were donated by Aura Shop. Foraged floral arrangements and candles were woven in between crystals. Note: You may want to designate someone to keep the flames alive if you’re hosting outdoors.

Tonic Cocktails:
Prepare to have something mind elevating, heart opening and brain activating for everyone to drink. We offered a selection of alcohol-free pine pollen tonic-herb-infused kombucha, jun elixirs, sparkling mineral water and biodynamic wines (a cabernet sauvignon, Malbec and sparkling rosé from Boisset Collection). Guests were able to add adaptogenic tinctures to their sparkling rosé for the most vibing cocktail of the night!

Your Community:
Gather a positive, high-vibe group to help you throw your party! For the House of Citrine Sun Potion event, we were blessed to have a group of friends to lift the energy and lay down all the final touches for the event. Top plant-based chef Greg Arnold made all the food for our event and we had a beloved group of health-conscious food friends present to make everything come together. It is inspiring to see how a group of like-minded people who are committed to high-vibe foods and living can combine forces and bring it all to the next level. We also had an awesome kitchen and serving team, as well as two stellar photographers, Julia Corbett and Alexa Gray, documenting the experience, which was a luxury, allowing Sima, Brett, Scott and I to be present with our guests.

Raw Desserts:
I rarely eat agave, coconut sugar or raw honey, and certainly not refined sugar – ever. Yet the right amount of sweet for a dinner like this can be magical. We invited dear friend Stephen McCarty of Sukhavati Raw Desserts to create the artful, delicious and beautiful raw, activated cakes he’s become known around the city for. He is truly an artist!

Be present:
This is the most important part. At the end of the day (or night), I feel that our experience of joy, connection, pleasure and play is what it is all about. This can be the most healing medicine and gift to bring to others. Enjoy your party!

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