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    Somewhere between crudite¬†and avocado toast lives this genius idea for hosting friends who’ve got a thing for avocados: the deconstructed guacamole board.

    Think of it like a cheese board, but better. Here, the avocados are the star of the show and cozied up with plenty of options to build little bites – from tacos to little layered guac coconut chips.

    Cruise through our photos and recipe, but this idea is one hundred percent customizable! Have a secret guacamole recipe? Include your secret ingredients in the layout.

    A few things we included that we highly recommend: these sliced jicama ‘tortillas’ are the best ever – we found them prepped and packaged at Whole Foods, but you can slice at home on a mandoline too. The micro cilantro and pomegranate seeds are also a must. Layer them in a jicama slice with as much avocado as will fit and you’ve got a perfectly satisfying bite of spring freshness.

    Like¬†building the ultimate avocado toast, there’s not just one way to do it. Let guests customize their own combos and be sure there are plenty of options. Every bite is a seasonal work of art. Try watermelon radishes and coconut chips in lieu of corn chips and nutrient-rich garnishes like fresh herbs. Here’s how to bring it all together…

    How To Make a Deconstructed Guacamole Board


    Avocados (estimate 1/2 per person)
    sliced watermelon radishes
    lime wedges
    lemon wedges
    cherry tomatoes
    jicama ‘tortillas’ or thinly sliced jicama
    seed crackers (we used Parmesian quinoa crisps from Bristol Farms)
    jalapeno slices
    fresh chives
    fresh mango slices
    anything else your heart desires…


    Cut avocados in half and remove the pit. Cut the inside into vertical slices – be careful not to slice through the skin. Run a large spoon along the inside of the skin to scrape the avocado meal out in one piece. Repeat for all halves.

    Arrange the avocado face down on a board or platter. Drizzle with lemon juice to prevent browning.

    Arrange the other ingredients around and adjacent to the board. Serve immediately!

    We served our deconstructed guacamole board with
    these homemade turmeric mezcal margaritas.

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