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Robyn Youkilis is an AADP Certified Health Coach, author, internationally renowned speaker, and leading expert in holistic digestive health. She is the author of the groundbreaking books, Go with Your Gut and Thin From Within and has helped thousands of clients to shed both physical and emotional weight with her straightforward, yet supportive coaching style. We love this advice on creating healthy boundaries during this unique time… 

If self-care was the wellness word of 2019, then boundaries is the official word of 2020. With life,
work and play all under one roof, we’ve all had to take a crash course in understanding what we
need, what’s okay and what really doesn’t work for us.

Here are the top things I’ve needed to shake out since my space became both my office and my
daughter’s playroom, our date night and even glamorous “staycation” destination:

Making Work Space – Designating a clear space where you’re working and making sure it’s clean and
free of clutter is key. If you’ve got roommates of any kind, let them know this isn’t a space for
any keys, empty water glasses, half colored drawings or sweatshirts they took off when they got
hot. If you’re like me and like an additional floater space (or two) where you can take your laptop
for a change of scenery, make sure to take everything with you when you’re finished working.

Time Boundaries – You might think the boundary here would be around your boss, your clients or your team,
but it’s really more with yourself. It’s easy for work to spill all over when we don’t recognize our
urge to react to the dings and pings that come our way 24/7. This requires a practice of taking a
breath and being mindful when reaching for the phone and noticing when something actually
needs to be done as opposed to reacting and strengthening a not so healthy habit.

About Zoom – Before I jump on a Zoom call I always clear out my space. Opening a window or lighting
a candle helps, but taking three deep breaths to ground is perfect, too. I get present and
become aware of the energy I’m bringing to the call and acknowledge that I’m inviting others
into my space. After each call, I like to get up and literally shake it off.

prioritize Relationships – Recognize the relationships that are most important to you and make them a
priority. It might feel like you’re spending more time together (because you are!), but carving out
quality time for those you love makes all the difference in how connected you feel. Make
intentional date nights with your partner, reserve a weekly time to call a friend you care about
and set aside play time with your children where they get to lead so you can be fully present.

Phone Limits – Set limits on scrolling, who you’re following and what you’re taking in. Social media and
the constant stream of news is designed to suck you in. I like to set app limits on my phone
because it reminds me of my intention and helps keep me honest (even if I ignore them from
time to time). Over time, if you’re feeling disconnected from yourself or like there’s not enough
time in the day, it’s likely because you’re using up brain space and rest time with screen time.

wash the day away Lastly, I’ve been coaching clients for over a decade now, often seeing 5-8 clients a day.
That’s a lot of energy to go to bed with at night, so I began making time for an “energy cleansing
shower” as part of my nighttime routine. Imagining all of their stories and other interactions from
the day washing down the drain left me with just myself. This is a practice I still use today
because it helps reset my energetic boundaries.

A lot of these might be new habits for you to cultivate, but just like you’ve gotten used to making
your charcoal face mask a part of your weekly routine, with a little practice and intention these
new boundaries will quickly become as easy as grabbing your face mask and sanitizer before
leaving the house.

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