Buns in sand, drink in hand. We’re all about those divine days at the beach, but keep that beach day from being depleting with these health and wellness tips from L.A.-based lifestyle blogger, Lauren Gores Ireland of You & Lu. Start with a little meditation, drift into a good book and swap out those chips for something hydrating…

Summertime sun. Salty hair. Crashing waves. Beach days bring happiness to our souls; restfulness to our minds. In the moment, nothing feels better than sinking your toes in the sand while staring at the ocean.

Oftentimes, my beach days are spent with friends. We admittedly eat too much (and drink too much) and read magazines all day. But I’ve realized the importance of squeezing in what I call ‘healthy beach time.’ Think pressed juices, meditation, a soulful book… the list goes on.

The quiet time will calm your mind while waking up your body. Here’s how to keep your beach days healthy…

6 Healthy Beach Day Habits

Get Moving

Kick off your time by the water with a brisk walk or light jog. Keep it to a mile or so, to avoid sore ankles from running on the sand. Leave your phone behind, so you can be in the moment.

Stay Hydrated

Swap your boozy favorites for super hydrating sips. Coconut water contains electrolytes, which helps with dehydration. Chlorophyll water is another great option, because it’s both hydrating and helps control hunger.

Feed Your Mind

In between reading your favorite magazines, indulge in something that will lift your spirits — a book that will inspire gratefulness in the moment. Be Happy: Remember to Live, Love, Laugh and Learn is among my favorites. It’s a quick and easy read, reminding us happiness is a journey, rather than a place.

Snack Simply

I love crunchy munchies as much as anyone else! To avoid eating a bag of something you’ll regret later, try packing simple, wholesome foods – like kale chips and mixed nuts – rather than traditional snacks. You’ll still get that crunch, but with added benefits! Fruits and veggies are also great options.

Protect Your Skin

Lather up! Your skin deserves it. I love this portable stick sunscreen by Sugar, because it fits in a purse and is great for your lips and face. I also love Coola’s body spray.


Begin and end your day with some time to yourself. Sit at the edge of the waves and allow your mind to clear — even if only for a few minutes. This will help you be happier + more productive during your work week.

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