benefits of turmeric

Gorgeous, golden turmeric isn’t a wellness trend for nothing. The health benefits of turmeric cover inflammation, immunity, complexion perfection and beyond — no wonder why we’re obsessed! What most people don’t realize is that how we consume the stuff is just as important as getting a daily dose. Find a full breakdown of the benefits of turmeric here, and pick up a few powerful ways we’re (golden)milking it for all its worth…

Add black pepper. Did you know that adding pepper helps increase turmeric’s bioavailability? Curcumin is the main substance in turmeric, responsible for its most of the superfood’s magic, but its naturally low bioavailability means most of the good stuff gets metabolized before it’s absorbed. An active ingredient in pepper helps block certain digestive enzymes, allowing our bodies to take their time processing the curcumin for maximum impact!

Freeze a stash. Dried turmeric is a convenient way to sprinkle the superfood on everything, but this form begins to lose its potency the second we snap the seal around the jar (likely even before!). The simple solution is to keep fresh turmeric around day-to-day by freezing it. Pull a piece out when you’re ready, then grate the fresh orange fluff over whatever you’re eating – from salad to grain bowls. See our post on this healthy hack here.

drink golden milk. This simple, warming tonic is easy to make, delicious to drink and gets us a heavy hit of turmeric at any point of the day. We always keep a stash of powdered golden milk from Gaia on our office smoothie shelf for easy access. Snag our favorite golden milk recipe here and get sipping!

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