Every time harem pants re-emerge on the fashion scene, they always manage to cause a bit of a stir. No matter how firmly they plant themselves in the fashion atmosphere, they still manage to stay a little out there. We’re loving the heavily draped pants this time around – in an exotic print at Zara or in their tuxedo-like reworking at Balmain. It seems like there is a version of the pant for everyone!

While we love the re-imagining of styles-gone-by for new eras and new purposes, this one has us stumped: harem pants for the gym.

Our team recently found ourselves transfixed on a new piece from Colosseum’s fall line of activewear: a pair of high-waisted, harem-style sweatpants. The pants are super-soft, easy as anything to move around in and the perfect shade of grey (yes, there is a perfect shade!). While we love the harem look…and love the gym…do we love the harem look in the gym? We’re torn!

Dropped-crotch pants for yoga could mean an unencumbered range of motion. But dropped-crotch pants for spin class? Imagine the potential hazards, mostly to the ego.

What say you? We love that athletic wear has made leaps and bounds in the fashionable direction. But is this leap too far? When it comes to this hybridizing of a high-end fashion trend and practical workout gear, would you or wouldn’t you?

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