Happy New Year from Pressed Juicery: A Special 3-Day Cleanse Deal

All month long we’ll be sharing special giveaways from Pressed Juicery, but why wait? Right now, for only $199 from coast-to-coast you can start the 3-Day Cleanse and get your year off to a green, clean start. For the special price, you’ll receive each of the 8 juices a day you need for the perfect juice cleanse, including our famous Greens 2 and Greens 3 and our incredible Almond Milk.

  • Here's what to do to get started:

  • Place your Cleanse order:

    Visit Pressed Juicery here for all the detoxing details and to get started! Set your dates, check out your juices and begin to prepare your body for a healthy new year.

  • Share it with us!

    Once you've ordered, download our Detox Diaries worksheet here so that you can share your cleanse experience with the rest of us. We love learning your tips and tricks for the perfect cleanse and sharing them with your fellow readers!

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