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A few tweaks to your home office space may be all you need to boost your productivity, improve your daily mood and even catapult your creativity to the next level –specifically, it’s all about the standing desk.

It should come as no surprise that, before quarantine, our HQ was loaded with wellness hacks — most of which are pretty easy (and affordable) to recreate in your own space.

We spend a good deal of time working, but are we investing enough effort into how ‘well’ our work spaces are for us as our bedrooms or kitchens? Over the years, we’ve discovered a few office hacks that enhance our sense of well being in a major way. Work-life balance feels way more attainable when we’re already feeling good while we work.

Whether working from home is new to you or you’ve been at it for years, try a few of our home office wellness tips to bring fresh life to your professional game. Here’s what we personally rely on for wellness in the office daily…

A Guide To Living Well – The Office Edition


Custom Standing Desks | A few years ago, we converted our hammered tin Parsons desks into standing desks with custom wood risers from Etsy — and it’s the best decision we’ve ever made for health and happiness in the office!

Most of the standing desk options we’ve seen out there involve a clunky contraption that sits on the face of the desk. We chose to make our desks standing-height permanently with custom wooden risers painted to match. We simply added beautiful bar height leather stools as a sitting option and it’s utterly transformed the way we work. CHECK OUT

ceramic french pressceramic French press | Curate a beautiful coffee station experience with design-friendly objects like this ceramic french press. We use it to keep herb infusions, tonics, and superfood lattes flowing all day. CHECK OUT

essential oil diffuserEssential Oil Diffuser | Nothing is more notable when you step into our home offices than the scent of calming, invigorating essential oils. The diffusion changes daily, depending on mood, and include calming, energizing, focus-inducing or mood-boosting oil blends from a thick stack of oil blends kept on hand. Pick oils based on your mood or the mindset you’re trying to achieve. CHECK OUT

Alexa Amazon + Pandora | Alexa is all about how you use her. We treat her more like a digital assistant than just an office radio, keeping a curation of our fave Pandora stations on hand to anchor us down into a creative mood. We even use Alexa for a daily reminder to take a meditation break every afternoon. CHECK OUT

metal trash can

recycling made easy |We open a slew of packages on any given workday and the shipping waste can be overwhelming. Now that we’re receiving shipments of product at home, this has never been more of an issue. This stainless steel number by Simply Human has recycling build right in to help the process of sorting seem more manageable. We also love the sleek look and foot pedal to keep things as streamlined as can be. CHECK OUT

Plants everywhere | A little bit of greenery can go a long way. While any kind of greenery will do some good, this study by NASA pinpoints the best air-purifying plants for our homes and office spaces. Check out our top picks here and pair it with a super cute planter for extra style points. CHECK OUT

office wellness air filterIndoor air filter | Indoor air pollution is a thing – especially for us here in L.A. Our bodies are built to resist environmental enemies we can’t completely avoid, but the toxic dust that sticks to home electronics can weigh heavily on our systems if we’re not careful. We keep a room air purifier running at all times. It slips slyly into a corner and works hard all day to powerfully eliminate the worst offenders found in an urban environment. CHECK OUT

How is your work from home set-up working out? Another favorite hack? These easy to make
protein bites to help keep you happy and focused in the afternoons and late mornings!

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