Meet Our August Guest Editor: Lily Aldridge

Help us welcome natural beauty Lily Aldridge to TCM for the last month of summer! Read as Lily joins us from vacation in Italy...

Natural beauty has many meanings – and all of them apply to our August Guest Editor, model Lily Aldridge. Lily has been shooting us photos like this one straight from her vacation in Italy and we’re feeling all the summer feelings: we’re ready to wring every last drop of summertime goodness out of our favorite month of the season. Are you with us?

As an internationally recognized model and one of the most famous figures on the world’s largest lingerie runway each year, there’s no doubt that Lily is celebrated as one of the most beautiful women in the world. What’s not as easily apparent from a distance is that (as cliche as it may sound!) Lily is a natural beauty on the inside too: a brilliant friend, devoted wife and mother, and an impressive role model in balanced living for young women everywhere. 

Don’t get it twisted: in a business like Lily’s, a balanced and healthy life is not as easy as it may seem – and, to us, it is truly something to be celebrated. Models like Lily, who, as you’ll read below, know when to pop champagne and wind that pasta around a fork, and yet, when it comes time to get in top condition, get in shape in true health and balance, are heroes of the Chalkboard kind! Just like last month’s iconic Guest Editor, Lily’s natural lifestyle, healthy habits, and glowingly sweet personality make her the kind of woman we’re all too happy to spotlight. 

Join us with Lily all August long as we dig our heels into the sand and enjoy every last day of summer. We’ll also be making plans for an incredible Fall! Stay tuned as we roll out all the juicy details of our 30-day green juice challenge coming this September…

Hey, hey, Chalkboard readers,

I’m thrilled to be this month’s Guest Editor – and I want to dare you all to the upcoming 30-day green juice challenge launching later this month to take us into a truly healthy Fall! One thing I love about this particular wellness challenge is that it is not about juicing for days on end; it’s about adding just one green juice to your diet every day and making it a part of your daily life.

I’m a huge fan of juicing, but I have never done it without also including food…I just can’t do it! When I want to cleanse and do a detox before a big event I usually drink five to six juices a day, while including raw foods and grilled fish or chicken.

For me, starting the day with a juice and a green tea immediately makes me feel set up for a day’s worth of better choices. Working out is also a big part of my daily life. Health and fitness are all about finding the things we love to do and doing what makes us happy! I genuinely love doing Ballet Beautiful every day with Mary Helen Bowers. I also truly enjoy being a foodie and I can eat guilt-free when I’m working out, drinking juices and generally living a pretty healthy life, while indulging when the time is right.

For example, right now I’m in Italy drinking far too much wine and eating far too much pasta, but, hey, I’m in Italy – and it feels like the right thing to do! I know when I land at home I’ll have a box of Pressed Juicery waiting for me and I’ll start my daily workouts again…and all will be well. I won’t miss the Italian pastas at all! Ha. Knowing when the time is right to indulge and when the time is right to pull back is part of the balance of life.

Enjoy the 30-day green juice challenge with me! It starts this September and we’ll be talking about it all August as we gear up together. I hope it will kick-start you into making other healthy choices in your life, while still being able to enjoy the finer things! Because, after all, there is nothing more important than health and happiness.


Editor’s Note: Stay tuned for more about our 30 Day Greens Challenge all month long! We’re laying out all the juicy details during August as we prep for September 1st and the beginning of a new season full of healthful habits. We’re showing you our greens, get ready to show us yours!


  1. Hello chalkboard, and Lily.
    We are from Lily Aldridge Brazil, and, I think that you guys know that we have the mission to translate all the interviews and posts with Lily. And, I did with this post. I make sure that Brazilians fans gonna love those tips, because in Brazil is very rare to find someone who lives a healthy life. So, I hope that many people do the challenge with you guys.

    Lily Aldridge Brasil | 08.03.2015 | Reply
  2. THIS is how to be a real role model to girls. Sure she has the genes that gave her the beautiful face, but without real hard work and persistent dedication she probably would not have been able to maintain her fab physique. Thanks for showing it’s about maintaining that delicate balance between the occassional indulgence and pure hard graft the other 90% of the time. The real truth is noone can gorge on pasta and wine every day and rarely work out AND still look like that. Thanks Lily!

    Sara | 08.07.2015 | Reply

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