An Impressive Gua Sha Tutorial That’ll Make Your Lips Look Fuller Fast

To fill or not to fill? Cosmetic lip injections have reached a whole new level of popularity lately and, while our fear of duck lips is very real, many doctors have figured out ways to keep thing subtle. That said, most of us aren’t willing to take the risk of over-doing it or getting those weird lip shapes from a poor procedure — or maybe we just can’t imagine coughing up the dough for something so vain. Regardless, this lip-plumping gausha tutorial fits the bill for those of us who aren’t in to fillers, but still want fuller lips.

We recently met the three female founders behind new skincare brand, Wildling, whose signature ribbed gua sha is a must-have for any hands-on beauty nerd. These skin-savvy ladies have been sharing their gua sha secrets with us, including this effortless gua sha tutorial specifically designed to plump the lips. If you’re new to gua sha, this method is a great place to start; the results are instant and impressive. Your lips will look fuller right away and your lipstick will apply flawlessly…

A Gua Sha Ritual For Fuller Lips

Gather The Goods. Your skin should be nice and slick before you begin. Spritz your face with your fave facial mist, then follow up with a generous layer of facial oil. Grab your gua sha and get to work. Wildling’s Empress Stone gua sha is designed to massage any active ingredients into the skin more deeply than hands alone could.

Define Edges. Use the U edge of the gua sha tool to sculpt and define the edges of the lips—the mouth is made of intricate muscles so massaging this area increases circulation and decreases tension caused by facial expressions.

Comb Out Lines. To erase fine lines around the lips, use the comb edge of the tool with gentle pressure horizontally across any lines. Imagine the comb edge is an eraser and you’re gently breaking up the wrinkle.

Bring In Blood flow. Continue using the comb edge over the lips to increase blood flow and plump—you’ll be able to feel the tingle. More pressure isn’t better, this is a gentle move!

Address The full face. You’re sure to see the best results when you use your gua sha on the entire face to open up the flow of energy in your entire body.

Shop Wildling’s signature Empress Stone gua sha and other powerful products for the ultimate gua sha routine.

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