Years of stressing and squinting at screens can leave you with a cluster of unwanted creases between your brows. These ‘frown lines’ are nothing to be ashamed of – they’re evidence that you live and feel! – but, at the same time, we totally get the urge to erase them.

Not into injectables as a skincare solution? Try this surprisingly effective no-needle gua sha ritual from Wildling to erase frown lines and prevent them from coming back…

A Gua Sha Ritual To Erase Frown Lines

GATHER THE GOODS. Your skin should be nice and slick before you begin. Spritz your face with your fave facial mist, then follow up with a generous layer of facial oil. Grab your gua sha and get to work. Wildling’s Empress Stone gua sha has a unique shape and textured edges, and is designed to massage any active ingredients into the skin more deeply than hands alone could.

Relax Your Brows. To release brown tension, use one of the soft points of the “U Edge” of the Empress Stone to trace along the entire eyebrow. There are strong facial muscles here that furrow the brow and create frown lines.

Release Stagnation. Release stagnation in the tissues around frown lines with several gentle strokes. It might feel crunchy and a little tender. Erasing a line or a wrinkle is like breaking up a little bit of scar tissue in the skin.

Stroke + Stimulate. Use the U edge to release tension above the brow in 3 – 5 gentle strokes. Stimulate pressure points in the brow to deepen the release. Find 3 tender points along the brow and hold gentle pressure.

Boost Blood Flow. The finishing touch is to use gentle friction with the comb edge of the Empress Stone.  Work perpendicular to the line (wrinkle) and use gentle pressure back and forth. This wakes up the tissue and decreases the line by stimulating blood flow & collagen production.

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