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Shingles are out. Salad is in. Green roofing biz, Brooklyn Grange, is bringing sustainable, urban agriculture to new heights – literally – by cultivating a fully functional rural heaven right above NYC’s concrete jungle. Their incredible rooftop farms grow dozens of different crops in otherwise dead space, giving the community below easy access to nutrient-rich, local produce and some much needed farm-fresh air.

While life in NYC usually means squeezing into tiny studios and crowded subways, Brooklyn Grange has managed to create over two acres of gloriously green plant life. These plots produce everything from tomatoes and tubers to leafy greens galore, all farmed according to organic principles. They’re never touched with chemicals, and planted at a safe distance from urban pollutants, so even though they’re growing up in a big city, they’re still likely healthier than the ones sold in standard grocery store.

The Brooklyn Grange also knows the importance of building a positive, engaged community. We love that they offer educational workshops on everything from beekeeping to composting, and consultation services to help people get into growing their own food. Come night, these beautiful farm spaces transform into magical event settings for dinner parties and even yoga classes where like-minded locals can connect.

Getting people excited about sustainability means everything for its future (as well as our own), and companies like Brooklyn Grange have us feeling pretty good about it. We can’t all move to the mountains and eat from the land, but bringing some beauty and freshness into our big cities with amazing ideas like green roofing is a compromise we’ll happily support. For more on sustainability and community from the Grange team, check out their new book, The Farm on the Roof.

What’s your favorite urban garden project? Learn to make your own apartment into an edible landscape here. 

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