Jovial King is the epitome of a green goddess. Her dewy glow and effortless radiance is all the evidence needed to convert us to any product or beauty routine she recommends. A true beauty inside and out, Jovial started Urban Moonshine six years ago out of her kitchen in the countryside of Northern Vermont. With a wealth of knowledge, love of nature and desire to unearth the healing power of plants, Jovial created a line of natural herbal remedies, tonics and bitters of exceptional quality and organic ingredients.

Just by speaking with her about her daily life, loves, and routine, it is clear that she practices what she preaches, and to Jovial, beauty starts with digestion and nourishing our bodies from the inside out. Read on for Jovial’s take on wellness, beauty, life, and well-being, as well as some of her favorite must haves to help keep us glowing from the inside out.

To learn more about the power of herbal bitters A to Z, read our interview with Jovial here on Herbal Tonics 101.

Can't travel without...

Whatever part of the Sunday NY Times I haven’t finished on Sunday, Urban Moonshine Bitters, Joy Tonic and a million other little herbal remedies and essential oils. I’m definitely the one you want to be sitting on the airplane with if you’re having an emotional or spiritual crisis.

In a pinch, I…

Buy flowers, light a candle and some incense, drink a cup of tea and throw a tarot card.

Always in my evening clutch:

Digestive bitters, tea tree toothpicks, Weleda lip balm, Lunaroma’s 4th Chakra Love anointing oil.

Beauty tool:

A run, a long night’s sleep, and feeling inspired; because when I’m inspired, I’m happy. And when you’re happy you’re beautiful.

Weirdest beauty habit:

Vaginal steaming (Editor’s note: we’ve actually talked about this before!) makes you feel soft, relaxed and pampered. You sit on a hot pot of water (wrapped with towels) with herbs steeping. The herbal steam – calendula, rose and whatever else I can harvest out of the garden – is very healing. It feels like fierce self care for my womanly parts. We all want to be beautiful and fresh everywhere, right?

In the shower I keep…

Not much. Hot water and soap. I have simple showering rituals.

Most treasured beauty tip...

A clean and healthy diet, heavy on foods and herbs that enhance digestion – bitter, warming and pungent herbs – and things you find in the spice cabinet and the produce section, from ginger and fennel to dandelion and burdock. When we have strong digestive fire we break down our food with less digestive drama and more nutrient absorption. When we have a strong digestive system we lower our inflammatory load, which creates healthy, normal detox and in turn gives you beautiful radiant skin. Our outside appearance is a reflection of our internal state of health.

Once a month I…

Sit in a circle with my best girlfriends on the new moon, drink wine, light candles, cast cards, let go of something that no longer serves me and create space to manifest something new. I sit with an open and non-judgmental heart, and listen to all my sisters in the circle. We eat chocolate, do self-care breast massage, discuss our lives, burn sage, cry and laugh. It’s the best.

On my bedside table…

A few good books, my tarot deck, a photo of my children, a big glass of water, a bottle of Joy Tonic, a few crystals, a feather and a candle.

After a long night or rough weekend...

I take a hot bath in my beautiful clawfoot tub. It’s my sanctuary.

On little sleep I rely on...

Coffee and Urban Moonshine Energy Tonic.

The product that changed my skin...

Bitters and fermented foods. It’s all about gut health.

For glowing skin…

Don’t wash your face with soap; warm water is great and enough. It’s important to not over clean your skin. Our bodies are brilliant, the less we disturb our skin microbiota the better. I love coconut oil, nothing makes me feel more luscious than getting out of the tub and covering myself head to toe.

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