Shannon Vaughn has that unmistakable glow that only comes from a true, deeply cultivated state of wellness. Her skin glows, her eyes sparkle… okay, she is also a former model, but even hereditary beauty has its limits – we’ve found that only a woman who cares for herself on a deeply holistic level wakes up like this. It’s a level we’re still aspiring to.

Shannon is the founder of Pursoma, a small line of clay detox baths so pure it’s likely you could drink them – although we don’t recommend it. No need; sink yourself into a bath of this stuff and you’ll be well on your way to a more hydrated, detoxed, glowy state right away. Raw, eco-certified French green clay and sea salt make up most of Shannon’s bath soaks, designed to remineralize and revitalize your body from the inside out and support the detoxification process. There are five baths, each with a different specialization. Most notably, Shannon offers the baths in sets perfect to pair with a 3-5 day cleanse.

Being regular juice cleansers ourselves, we’re loving the idea of nightly clay baths to amp up the cleansing process and to tone down our attitude on day two. Bonus: the Montmorillonite clay won’t clog up your bathtub drain – something Shannon was careful to test for.

Take the time to read Shannon’s awesome insights below: We’re needing that Japanese eye cream – and the Yoga Nidra power nap!

The relationship between detox and beauty is…

Detoxes and beauty are completely intertwined. When you go through a detox, you rid your body of unnecessary waste and toxins that cause inflammation and imbalances. These imbalances generally appear initially on your skin. With this in mind, Pursoma products use the skin as a vessel to eliminate internal toxins. The clay in our products acts as a sponge. The clay pulls and extracts the toxins that circulate through your body, leaving you with skin that is free to breathe. The result is cleaner, healthier, more beautiful skin. Proper diet, exercise, rest and occasional detoxes are the foundation for a healthy body and soul, and glowing skin.

For daily detoxification…

Water is highly underrated. The easiest way to cleanse your body is to drink three liters of filtered or spring water everyday.

Beautifying detox snack/meal:

I love my on-the-go drinkable trail mix. I call it drinkable because I make it from scratch at home and then put it into glass mason jars, so when I am driving or on the go, I can just “drink” it from the bottle instead of having a messy bag and salty hands.

Can’t travel without…

One of my travel must-haves is Osmosis harmonized water spray. It hydrates and is enhanced with epidermal growth-factor frequencies to create cellular turnover. The best part is that it is under three ounces, so I can take it anywhere I travel.

In a pinch I…

Take a 20-minute power nap. I use a Yoga Nidra technique, originated from ayurvedic principles, and within ten breaths, counting backwards from ten, I am out.

Always in my day bag:

My day bag is basically a mini suitcase nowadays. I always carry my laptop or iPad mini, cell phone (all with radio protective shielding covers), a cell-phone headset, a baby Mason Pearson hairbrush, flower essence oral tinctures for calming and creating inner peace, a piece of organic 85% dark chocolate, ILIA lip crayon, eyelash curler (because I am allergic to mascara), 3 – 4 pens, hair ties and a journal (because I still write everything down).

Obsession of the moment:

Cycling is a favorite hobby of mine. Rapha women’s short short bike shorts are amazing! Rapha is beautiful line of cycling clothes designed by Paul Smith. The clothes are so comfortable for long rides and good looking enough to walk around in town during a food break.

To de-stress…

I can’t survive the busy day without a short meditation in the morning. For days when I can’t quiet my mind, I use The Mindfulness App, which has great guided meditations. I aim to squeeze in at least ten minutes every morning. When I am out of NYC, I bike ride outdoors – this is a guaranteed way to keep me calm and energized.

For fresh eyes:

I use Komenuka Bijin, Japanese rice bran eye moist gel. I apply it under my eyes a few times per day to keep my eye area dewy and fresh all day.

Weirdest beauty habit:

I actually have a lot of these… Every night I apply Jatamansi Oil by Floracopeia to the soles of my feet to enhance dreaming. I also dry brush and apply coconut oil all over my body, sit in my infrared sauna and jump out every five minutes to take an ice-cold shower.  Sounds more like a dance than a beauty routine.

Beautifying drink:

I am a huge fan of turmeric smoothies. I especially love them with coconut oil, which is rich in healthy fats and helps to build collagen and keep my complexion glowing. Turmeric is also anti-inflammatory, which helps with anti-aging. I love the following recipe. I freeze all the fruit when it’s ripe and this eliminates the need for ice.

Beautifying Coconut Turmeric Smoothie


1 cup hemp or coconut milk
1/2 cup frozen pineapple
1 frozen banana
1 Tbsp coconut oil
1/2 tsp turmeric (can be increased to 1 tsp)
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp ginger
1 tsp chia seeds
1 tsp maca (love the energy from this)


Blend all ingredients in a NutriBullet or other blender.


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