goop rotisserie review

As the creator of goop, one of the most consistently news-worthy brands in our space, Gwyneth Paltrow is known for expanding the reach of niche wellness trends that appall the press, but delight most women who’ve been practicing natural health and wellness for years.

If you would have asked us about Gwyneth’s legacy sometime last year, we’d probably volunteer the names of a few great films, that haircut she once shared with Brad Pitt, a couple of puff-sleeved looks from her label, and goopglow.

Just last spring here in LA, goop launched a surprising new venture — goop rotisserie. A well-curated menu of clean, homey side dishes that can be ordered alongside — you guessed it — a well-roasted bird. A chic, but casual American meal, branded and delivered.goop rotisserie review

While unexpected, the concept (which can be ordered from select goop kitchen locations each day) feels oddly relevant and has us wondering: will the kids be eating G’s roasted chicken dinners long after those g label looks go vintage?

There’s something humorous about a premium brand launching a chicken-centric endeavor, which only adds to the intrigue. In case you’re not up to date on the brand’s food endeavors, goop rotisserie is an expansion on the healthy takeout business, goop kitchen — which we’ve ordered to the neighborhood many a time. (Read our interview with the chef HERE.)

Maybe, fifty years from now, our grandchildren will be preparing for space flight with a solid goop rotisserie meal before bed and not a lingering idea about jade eggs or v-steams.

The goop rotisserie menu includes chicken dinner classics made clean, just as you might expect. The whole roasted cauliflower has apparently become a customer favorite, the mac and cheese is gluten-free (but made with real cheese), and the side of roasted mushrooms is just the kind of thing we love to order, but rarely find on casual delivery menus. All in all, the ingredients is well-sourced, the prices are fair, and the delivery experience is pretty adorable — the printed box definitely gives us donut shop nostalgia.

Would you order a roasted bird from goop? Or have you already? Tell us your thoughts in the comments. Or, if you prefer to buy the odd celebrity-driven product in private, we respect that choice too.

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