We love this innovative workout at Pressed Juicery neighbor, Firm Body Evolution in West Hollywood. Broken down into three parts, Firm Body Evolution’s 10/20/30 Method is innovative, effective, invigorating and fun. The best part about the workout is that half of it is spent napping or meditating inside one of their giant, jade-lined infrared sauna pods. This is the perfect workout for the overworked.

We recently met up with an FBE trainer and tried the workout for ourselves. A combination of ten minutes on a Helix (a sideways-moving elliptical machine that works muscles you didn’t know you had. Read: longer, leaner legs), twenty minutes on a Whole Body Vibration machine – otherwise known as the shake plate – and thirty glorious minutes inside one of the crazy-looking infrared pods as pictured above.

All three segments of this workout are pretty intriguing, but we wanted to know more about the Whole Body Vibration technology most of all. Could vibrating your entire body while working out really improve your health? We asked the folks at Firm Body Evolution to break it down for us. Read it and believe, then enter to win a 10/20/30 Method session in Hollywood for yourself below!

The Chalkboard Mag: For those who don’t know, what is the shake plate?
Firm Body Evolution: Whole Body Vibration (aka the “shake plate”) is a low-impact fitness machine that consists of a vibrating lateral plate utilized to maximize your workout and increase inner wellness, with many added health benefits.

TCM: What is it intended to do?
FBE: Working on the Whole Body Vibration machine stimulates the body’s blood circulation system, increases bone density, and tones and firms all parts of the body!

TCM: How does this technology work on the body/cells?
FBE: The tiny but powerful vibrations of the lateral plate help your body work for you – constantly having to re-stabilize itself – increasing and activating all the small muscles in the body. These added fast-twitch muscle reactions are an addition you don’t get from conventional floor training and they add that much more toning and firming to your workout! Whole Body Vibration also supports an increase in your circulation system, which can increase metabolism and calorie burn from the raising of internal temperature, and can deliver many more health benefits including what the Russian space system originally developed these machines for: increasing your bone density levels! Many scientific studies have been conducted on these machines and the results continually prove the power of these machines to help your body, inside and out!

TCM: Clients reactions are usually…
FBE: Most clients giggle when they first get on the machine since it feels so different, but good! After their first session on Whole Body Vibration with a trainer and experiencing working different parts of the body just by changing positions and flexing certain muscles, clients hop off after 20 minutes and feel “invigorated”, “lighter”, “tighter,” with more natural energy! After a week to a month of starting with Whole Body Vibration and our 10/20/30 method, many clients report their clothes fitting differently, a feeling of more tone and firmness and, especially in women, a decrease in the appearance of cellulite and varicose veins.

TCM: Most effective routine for the shake plate:
FBE: Working with one of our personal trainers, we teach individual moves that work for isolated body parts, and help achieve the best form for each one. Since all of our workouts are personalized to the client, the “most effective” routine will vary depending on our client’s goals and body composition report, which we monitor on a monthly basis for best results.

TCM: Tell us about 10/20/30.
FBE: Firm Body Evolution’s 10/20/30 Method is a revolutionary new workout for us that provides cardio, strength training, toning, firming, and detox/rejuvenation all in one – and in just 60 minutes! 10+20+30= 60 minutes and a transformed self.
For 10 minutes: The Helix lateral trainer is a cardio machine unlike the rest, it works on the inner and outer thighs, glutes, and core, burning about 30% more calories than any other cardio machine. It works what every other cardio machine misses and therefore gets you faster results in less time!
For 20 minutes: Whole Body Vibration workout (see above: amazing toning, firming, and health benefits).
For 30 minues: The Infrared Sauna is layered with 440 jade stones; our personal infrared jade sauna pods provide the perfect ending to your workout and the start to a more healthful life. Infrared saunas have been proven again and again to detox the body on a cellular level and relax your mind and your muscles, aches and pains. Ours are also different from all the rest.

TCM: Is it useful to do the shake and the infrared sauna in the same session?
FBE: Yes, of course! The first half of your workout is invigorating, the other, relaxing. But both are effective. That’s why Whole Body Vibration is the ’20’ and Infrared Sauna is the ’30’ in our revolutionary 10/20/30 Method. They work in tandem to get you the results you never thought you could achieve in one place – a 360 degree, mind-body transformation.

TCM: Tell us who’s been using 10/20/30 and their results:
FBE: One of the highlights of the 10/20/30 Method is that since it’s low-impact and rejuvenative, ANY fitness level can benefit and see results! Many celebrities, athletes, and industry professionals utilize the 10/20/30 Method on a regular basis and enjoy the fact that this unique workout maximizes results in a fraction of the time (compared to conventional workouts), and they experience decreased aches/pains and lower stress levels from the wonderful healing and detox effects of infrared sauna! Many of our own trainers have also had life-transforming experience using 10/20/30 Method.


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