We’ve Witnessed our September Guest Editor’s high-octane sunshine on screen, but we wondered how a high-energy, healthy girl like Julianne Hough likes to handle a girls-night-in. With besties like actress Nina Dobrev (above in The Giving Keys BBF campaign) we took a wild guess that Julianne knew how to host a night-in right and we wern’t disappointed.

Take inspiration from Hough’s favorite ways to cozy up and get to planning a girl’s night in soon – just add Le Labo and a few hand-written notes.

To celebrate all things BFF-related, we’re also giving away a set of Best Friend Keys from one of our favorite L.A. brands, The Giving Keys. Nina and Julianne recently starred in the campaign to celebrate the collection! See our tour of the accessory maker’s HQ to learn more about this incredible mission based brand.

The Perfect girl’s night in in 3 words:

Dinner, movie, silliness.

Movie we’ve seen over and over:

Go-To Snack:

You can never go wrong with a charcuterie and cheese plate! We’ve had this appetizer at most of our dinner parties and it’s always the most popular.

On our soundtrack:

Kygo Pandora Station.

Most likely to prank call:

Nina! She’s definitely the prankster in our group, so if I were to prank call anyone, it would have to be her.

Cozy Necessity:

On our best behavior we…

Have a girl’s night in where we cook a yummy dinner, play games and just chat.

On our worst behavior we…

Well, I can’t tell you that, now can I?!

Girl’s-night-in 'uniform':

Sweatpants! I usually rock a snazzy all-grey outfit.

Entertaining staples:

Chips and salsa.

Wine or cocktails?

For a girl’s night in, red wine.

Healthiest night-in snack:

Veggie platter and hummus.

Least healthy night-in snack:

Sour Patch Watermelons.

To have fun on the fly...

Board games! I have a closet full of them.

Fave thing to cook for friends:

My stepmom Debra has the greatest recipe for banana bread! I’ve made it for a few parties and for my Grease Live! cast and crew.

Non-negotiable for perfect dinner party:

I have to make sure the table decorations are on point! It’s definitely my favorite part of any dinner party, big or small. Lately, I’ll write a cute little quote on cards and leave them on everyone’s plate to read before we eat.

A healthy recipe you both love?

I shared a No Bake Peanut Butter Pie on my website in June. I love it because it’s easy to make and is actually healthy!

If I could give just one piece of advice on friendship…

Be open and honest, and love everyone for who they are.


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