Give Thanks. No, Really: 8 Gifts That Are All About Gratitude

If you’ve ever had a Thanksgiving where everyone is required to share what they’re grateful for, pre-turkey, you know that what starts out feeling a little cheesy can actually be quite moving. When we stop to remember what we’re grateful for it can totally change the course of our day! 

Tricia Huffman is the Joyologist and at all times of year, she’s great at helping those of us who need it (read: everyone!) find a positive attitude and get over the bullsh*t. Recently, Tricia launched a few journals and goods that keep that kind of message front and center. Some of these items are must-sees (um, the ‘let that sh*t go’ journal?) – and we just hope she’s got a lot of stock, because we have a feeling our readers are going to go crazy for them.

We asked Tricia to round up a few of those items that help all of us think ‘thankful’ throughout the month. Here are her top picks…

Thanksgiving is easily my favorite holiday. I love to be reminded to tune into gratitude. As much as we want to be able to control what happens from day to day, life has it’s inevitable up and downs. The one thing we can always control is our attitude towards it all.

No matter what life has thrown at us this year, we really always have so much to be grateful for. My goal is to stay grateful daily and help others do the same. These are just a few of my favorite things to help all of us get there!

Gratitude is My Attitude Wine Glass

Can you think of a better way to enjoy your favorite beverage? Have this as a constant reminder as you sip.


You’re the Best and the Mostest Wine Bag

Up your cordial “I brought wine” gift with this complimentary wine bag. Who doesn’t want a compliment to come with their wine?   


Gratitude is My Attitude Journal

Keep this journal with you at all times and/or next to your bed. A perfect reminder to pause and jot down your daily gratitude list or to pull out of your bag to vent your way back to gratitude in a moment of stress. No matter how bad of a day you are having, there is always, always so much to be grateful for.  


Giving Thanks Guest Book

This guest book was created for your holiday guests to write down what they are grateful for each year, which is fun, but why not keep this on your coffee table year-round to have all of your guests write something down each time they come over, even the cable guy or plumber!


Rifle Paper Co. Thank You Postcards

I chose these gorgeous post cards as my baby shower thank you notes and have since ordered more just to have on hand because it was so fun to send off thank-you postcards! Everyone loves getting mail, and it feels even more fun to get and send a postcard. Send them off to say thank you to all the people who make a difference in your life! Perhaps even skip the Christmas cards this year and send out gratitude love notes instead!


Grateful For This Life Tank

Wear this tank for a daily reminder that just being alive is a gift. Wear it to that workout class that makes you want to scream bloody murder, or on days you want to just pull the cover over your head. Hey, you get another today! You are alive! Celebrate it.


Shop Compliment Gratitude Necklace 

Every purchase from Shop Compliment comes with a hand-stamped compliment that you can customize! Not only is the necklace (which comes in multiple colors) a great reminder to tune in to gratitude, but the personalization is a sweet bonus. And yes, yes, when you buy it for yourself you still want to customize a compliment for yourself! 


The Gratitude Diaries

I love memoirs and this one is about how on New Year’s Eve a journalist made a promise to herself to be grateful and see the bright side of whatever happens. She explores how gratitude can transform every aspect of life and how she feels has little to do with the events that occur and everything to do with her attitude and perspective.


Find Gratitude Yoga Flow with Kathryn Budig

Kathryn Budig is one of my absolute favorite yoga teachers and Yogaglo is the most convenient way to practice. Pull up this online class on your laptop, iPad, phone, or TV to have Kathryn guide you through a stretchy flow that will help you find gratitude in every situation. Sometimes the only way to get out of my head is to get into my body.


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