We’re all about those cozy kitchen vibes these days and this month, our Guest Editor, Giada De Laurentiis is queen of the domaine. (Dig into her notes on Martha Stewart and parmesan pasta here.)

Giada’s picture-perfect recipes are inspo enough for this food-focused season. What we love even more is how she keeps her busy life in balance with healthy habits we recognize from our own daily routines: From a daily yoga and deep breathing practice to a dark chocolate habit we 1,000% relate to, we’re chatting with Giada about how she stays cool in the heat of the kitchen – on set and off.

When I feel overwhelmed I…

Do a deep breathing exercise. It’s the closest I can get to meditating! I lay on my back with my hands by my sides with my knees bent, then take deep breaths in and out while counting to ten.

Daily necessity for sanity:


How I Stay calm under fire:

Lots of deep breaths.

Fave way to detox:

Drinking lots of lemon water.

Fave way to refuel and replenish energy:

Eat a piece of ultra-dark chocolate.

Stress-busting ritual:

If I’m ever feeling really stressed, I’ll go take a moment and a couple of deep breaths in my closet. Silly, I know, but sometimes it’s the only place where I can find peace and quiet!

Monthly must for self-care:


Mantra for slowing down:

It will all come together in the end. It always does, so no point in sweating the small stuff.

Thing that always brings me back to center:

My daughter. There are few things more humbling than an eight year old!

Circumstances under which you turn off your phone:

On vacation. I try to be present and in the moment, which usually means not looking at email. It takes a few days to power down and it isn’t easy!

What's your curfew:

9 p.m. I like to get up when the sun rises, which means I’m tired by the time it sets!

Where do you find sanctuary:

In my closet, on the floor.

How do you find rest in a chaotic schedule:

Lots of breathing and lots of yoga.

Biggest inspirations:

My daughter.

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