Los Angeles is a city bursting at the seams with spas and other beauty resources. There are the buttoned up spas of Beverly Hills with their tea service and body wraps and the crunchy wellness centers of Venice with their crystals and enemas. We love them all!

Somewhere in between these two beauty extremes, live three spa concepts the city is loving now. Each one provides specific expert services that are quick and convenient and give us the aesthetic thrill we’re looking for…

THE NOW |This modern and minimal day spa offers massages inside their stunning space at intervals as small as 15 and 30 minutes (for as many dollars!) Natural products and aromatherapy are a theme, as well as the space’s clean, calming desert vibe.

Watch for The Now’s expansion into new neighborhoods soon!


OLIVE & JUNE | Olive & June’s first Beverly Hills location became the ultra-cool place to meet for mani-pedis as soon as it opened it’s doors. With a new location opened just this month in Santa Monica (Pasadena opened last year,) we’re pretty sure the whole city is enjoying this spa as much as we are. The quirky-pretty space, friendly staff and natural product offerings make this nail salon a game-changer.


SHAPE HOUSE | The infrared sauna trend isn’t going away anytime soon. Step inside Shape House for an hour of total relaxation – a private bed, netflix and an attentive spa staff – all while sweating it out in their infrared sauna wraps. Deeply detoxifying and collagen-boosting, infrared therapy provides a surprisingly good cardio workout too! A must-try therapy for health newbies and die-hard wellness seekers alike.


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