in the pages of her new book, The Universe Has Your Back, Gabrielle shares the kind of ideas that shift you so quickly, you’ll want to read them ten times over to be sure they fully absorb or jot them down somewhere central so you can re-read the words all week.

After numerous New York Times bestsellers, from Spirit Junkie to May Cause Miracles, Gabby has become a symbol to many of what living deeply and mindfully looks like now, while still remaining fully immersed in culture.

Off the page, we wanted to know a few details about how Bernstein is operating in the day to day. Don’t overlook the simplicity of her advice. We’re gliding into the weekend with her current mantra in mind…

When I feel overwhelmed I...

Breathe in for five seconds. Hold my breath for five seconds. And release my breath for five seconds. This always brings me back to center.

My favorite way to take a break is to...

Read a spiritual book.

Daily necessity for sanity:


How I stay calm under fire:

Tuning into my energy. When I notice my self out of alignment energetically I breathe my way back to peace.

Fave way to replenish energy:

Eat a nourishing meal.

Fave way to detox:


Stress-busting ritual:

Meditation! I meditate twice a day for 20 minutes.

Monthly must for self-care:

Massage. I will always make sure to get a massage at least once a month.

Fave Reads:

I know this sounds like a plug but it’s perfectly aligned with the topic. If you want to feel more balance in your life check out my new book, The Universe Has Your Back. The book will help you tap into a spiritual relationship of your own understanding and guide you to feel more faithful and balanced.

Mantra for slowing down:

“Everything is happening around me. I am fully taken care of.”

Thing that always brings me back to center:


When you turn off your phone:

At dinner with my hubs!

What's your curfew:

11 pm.

Where do you find sanctuary:

At my country house and walking outdoors.

To find rest in a chaotic schedule:

I’ve started to practice saying no. If I say yes to everything I get overwhelmed and stressed.

Biggest inspirations:

Best advice ever received on wellness:

Do your best to stay in balance. It’s a daily practice.

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