Gabriela Artigas is a master at achieving the perfect mix of ease and elegance. Her West Hollywood home is a mix of function and style—her bustling office is tucked into the back while the front holds a closet full of tomboy-ish staples like skinny jeans, wedge sneakers and military jackets. And though her studio is the headquarters of Gabriela Artigas jewelry—a line that she designs and co-owns with her look-a-like Teresita—there are plenty of treasures to be found in her kitchen and outdoor patio where the majority of the cooking, eating and entertaining takes place. While Gabriela whipped up some delicious lavender Prosecco cocktails (which showcase their awesome chemistry-turned-serving set) and taught us about the merits of using whole pieces of charcoal to purify water, Tere plated her gorgeous gingered carrots and roasted squash on top of a fresh mache and dried fruit salad for the perfect al fresco meal. It’s easy to see why these two make such a good team—whether they’re crafting the most gorgeous sculptural jewelry or reminding each other to drizzle just the right amount of aged balsamic on those heavenly roasted figs, they truly bring out the very best in each other.

What’d you eat yesterday:

Gabriela: Mache Salad and avocado with coconut oil sandwich.
Teresita: Quinoa with a cranberries and coconut and roasted butternut squash, which is perfect to start the holidays!

 Dinner on a busy night:

G: Sushi Robata on Third Street.
T: Take Sushi, on Sunset.

Quick breakfast:
G: Tea early morning then almond Butter and Marmalade Sandwich with Kefir
T: Espresso and Chocolate Croissant.

Changes in diet if you’re gearing up for a big event or vacation:
G: I think I eat pretty healthy so I don’t change anything in my diet and I try to go to the gym.
T: Juicing or no chocolate croissants.

Usual workout:
G: Boxing only if my sister goes!
T: Boxing on a regular basis.

Necessary indulgence:
G:  Water on Charcoal and anything with Peanut butter.
T: Coffee/Black Tea and Sushi.

Favorite recipe:
G: Avocado tacos with lemon and salt any day at any time.
T: Lavender Lemon Bars and Brussels sprouts with honey Dijon.

Favorite cookbook:
G: My mom’s cooking.
T: I have to go with Gaby, my mom’s cooking is the best!

Kitchen gadget:
G: Toaster and Charcoal logs.
T: Le Crusette Orange Grill, my mom just gave it to me as a birthday present.

Pantry essential:
G: Coconut Oil & Avocado.
T: Balsamic vinegar and honey.

Ingredient that makes everything taste better:
G: Avocado and lemon.
T: My mother’s chipotle salsa, handmade chile chipotle salsa, it evokes the flavor of our childhood.

Describe your dream meal:
G: Meals are more than food—I have fallen in love at meals, I have cried, I have made new designs, and I have made new friends. Meals have such an important role in our lives that it’s impossible to describe just one!
T: Uni with burrata at Son of A Gun with either Gabriela, Carlos my husband or my mom! Food for me is a treat, it changes my mood, it relaxes me it makes me happy and I get exited by savoring every texture and flavor.

Gabriela Artigas for The Chalkboard Giveaway:
We fell so hard for these beautiful baubles we had to make sure one of our readers received some Gabriela Artigas love for the holidays! Just tell us in the comments what’s your favorite homemade holiday gift to give or get and our favorite answer will get a divine G.A. necklace to ring in the holiday season!



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