Let’s face it making time for fitness can be like making your bed or trying to figure out what’s for dinner one more time. You just have to be willing to play a few head games with yourself to figure out the way to get it done. Taking care of yourself and moving is one of the single most important commitments you can make. This is where it starts: making exercise a routine part of your life. Period. No drama. End of story. I always liken it to picking up the kids from school: I wouldn’t think to myself “I really don’t feel like picking them up today”. No – you’re doing it – and that same non-emotional approach is very helpful when it comes to working out!

  • Doing nothing is not an option

    Our first suggestion for your fresh approach to working out is taking the choice out of it. Do you want to walk, lift, run or do yoga?  Feel free to add in any form of movement you'd like, but notice that sitting on the couch is not one of the options. The only things to consider in your new approach are: what you are going to do, for how long, how rigorously you are going to do it and on which days you will be getting it done. If you feel a little of that ‘I want to punch you in the face right now’ instinct in this moment - that's OK! As long as you move!

  • Find a new routine

    Mixing up your activities can be a helpful way to keep boredom at bay. About every 4 to 6 weeks try something new! Or, if you are really motivated, break your weeks up into various segments. Run with a friend on Monday, lift weights on Tuesday, Thursday and maybe even Saturday, take the dog for a long walk on Wednesday and if the kids can keep up throw them on a bike. Friday stretch it out - long weeks can build stress and Friday can be a really useful day to take that yoga class you have been thinking about. After all, what yoga is really about is breathing. Most of us walk through our weeks holding our breath or living on the edge of hyperventilation.

  • Get in touch with nature

    Listen - if you want to hula hoop six days a week, great - just do it for 30 minutes and at a steady pace. There is no right or wrong here!  There is just doing and not doing. I know it's cold, but another great way to kill two birds with one stone is to find anything at all that is physical to do outside. The gain you make by exercising and being in nature is exponential. We forget that we need to be in any form of nature we can - a park, a lake, some blue sky -  just being outside is good for the soul.

  • Take a class

    It can be lonely and hard to stay motivated on your own. If you have access to a boot camp or some other great class at your local gym or YMCA grab a friend or family member and see what it's all about.  Don't let being intimidated stop you from maybe having some fun and, better yet, being healthy.

  • Schedule it in

    Be selfish about your exercise time and schedule it like you would any other appointment! Here is to re-committing to your health with your fresh new approach.

  • Try our free workouts!

    We workout 6 days a week, if not 7 - if you count going to the beach and chasing my kids around. Because we workout so much through the years we have somewhat perfected what we like to do! We share our own favorite workouts in two ways with the public for free, yes free. Encouraging people to workout has become our passion because we know how great it is for us, but also how hard it can be to actually get motivated to do it!

    BodyWise Tribal Training: The first workouts we provide are the BodyWise Tribal Training circuit workouts. I instruct these twice a week for the public while I am in Kauai and for my close friends while I am in L.A! These tough but fun workouts are done by up to 60 people at once. I set them up in groups and assign stations. We review the moves, practice and go! The music is up loud, the energy level is high, and everyone works hard for about 40 minutes. The results have been amazing and everyone keeps coming back for more. This reassures me that they like it!
    Laird does a similar circuit workout with his training crew but it is a much smaller group. His focus is geared a lot more towards balance and strength where my workouts are total body strengthening and cardio.

    G&L 90 Day: The other workouts we provide are the G&L 90 Day functional training workouts. We recommend you do 3 days a week. We provide 12 workouts to be done over 30 days for beginners, 12 workouts for intermediate, 12 for advanced and 12 for the extreme fitness buff. Ideally you should not move up to the next level until you have mastered the level you start with. We demonstrate and provide text descriptions as well.

    With so many fitness options out there, there are few excuses left! Start your new approach to fitness today - you won’t regret it when you complete your last repetition! Let us know what you changes you choose to make. We love to hear from you!

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