Everything We’ve Learned From Functional Medicine Pro Dr. Mark Hyman

Functional medicine expert and wellness trailblazer, Dr. Mark Hyman, has been an influential force in our pursuit of living well. As the author of twelve bestselling books and cookbooks, creator of some seriously mind-opening podcasts and documentaries, and a longtime contributor to TCM, his expansive knowledge about how to obtain optimal health has earned its place in our daily lives.

From understanding the difference between good fats and bad fats to managing blood sugar the smart way, here are some of the most important lessons we’ve learned from Dr. Mark Hyman…

on Good Fats vs Bad Fats | Mark Hyman is on a mission to help people discover a whole world of healthy foods they may have previously shunned. The right fats help speed up our metabolisms, find focus, balance our hormones and create that inner glow. The key is in sourcing the good stuff, and knowing which fats to eat and which to toss. READ MORE + MORE

Gut Health is Holistic | Keeping our microbiome happy requires more than just popping a daily probiotic  — though that’s a great place to start. According to Mark Hyman, there are a few key lifestyle shifts that really make an impact. Discover how to improve gut health through our diets and why it’s crucial for overall health. READ MORE

Adrenal Fatigue Happens | Burnout is basically a right of passage in the modern working world, but that doesn’t mean it’s right — or unavoidable. Learn about adrenal burnout with Mark Hyman’s simple tips to beat stress and help get our flame back. READ MORE

Eating to Balance Blood Sugar | From diabetes to dementia, having sky-high blood sugar levels has become a national, if not worldwide epidemic. We’re so thankful to have health pro Mark Hyman, M.D. on the front lines of this battle against one of the top villains in the wellness world. His #1 New York Times bestselling book, The Blood Sugar Solution 10-Day Detox Diet, gave us a course map for getting this health hazard under control. His followup, The Blood Sugar Solution 10-Day Detox Diet Cookbook is filled with more than 150 recipes all aimed at reducing insulin and inflammation levels, activating your natural ability to burn fat, soothing stress, and completely reprogramming your metabolism. READ MORE

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What To Do After Antibiotics | While we tend to veer the natural route, we won’t deny that prescription antibiotics can be invaluable in dealing with certain medical conditions. The downside of antibiotics can be just as serious, disrupting vital systems we work so hard to balance. Gather some essentials truths about antibiotics’ impact on our microbiome and explore tips for what to do before and after use. READ MORE

The Pegan Diet | Mark Hyman coined the concept of a Pegan diet, and we love how it looks. The hybrid diet combines the best of Paleo and vegan lifestyles for daily eating that has a major nutritional impact with minimal stress on the environment. READ MORE + MORE

How to Handle Food Overwhelm | We’re faced with so many ‘healthy options’ these days that even making a lunch order can become an existential crisis. Mark Hyman‘s new book, Food. What the Heck Should I Eat?, is his attempt to create a little clarity for the overwhelmed. Read through this comprehensive piece from the doctor on seven scientific guidelines for making the best food choices possible. READ MORE

Heath Benefits of Seaweed | This oceanic plant, of which there are quite a few versatile species, is saturated with minerals our bodies want and need and is easier than one might think to integrate into our regular diets. Explore the health benefits of seaweed and bookmark a nourishing broth recipe from Mark Hyman’s new book, Food: What The Heck Should I Eat? READ MORE

dr mark hymanFalling Off The Wagon | What happens when that cheat day turns into a cheat month? After a fall off the wagon, there’s nothing to do but hop right back on….right? Discover the doctor’s simple guide to getting back on track without creating more stress. READ MORE

How to Do A Kitchen Purge | We think the easiest way to build healthy habits that last is to clear out the junky deliciousness that gets in the way of better decisions and give ourselves easy access to real, nourishing food. We’re starting fresh for fall with these thoughtful kitchen detox tips from our favorite functional medicine pro. READ MORE

dr mark hymanCancer Prevention is A Daily Endeavor| Our medical system is effective at diagnosing what is wrong with our bodies; functional medicine takes things further diagnosing why there is dysfunction in the first place. Learn about a few preventative strategies when it comes to cancer. READ MORE

How to Curb Sugar Cravings | We’ve been told again and again that sugar is bad for our bodies, but its addictive nature makes cutting it out of our diets difficult. With a short and sweet video, Dr. H shows us exactly how to kick sugar to the curb and set ourselves up for healthier eating (we love how it looks in his daily diet) and sustainable success. READ MORE

smart Sweet Potato Bread | Mark Hyman’s The Eat Fat Get Thin Cookbook is filled with functional recipes like this one, perfect for real-life cooking and eating. Loaves like this sweet little number can be notorious calorie bombs, often filled with cheap and processed ingredients. If you’re looking for a gut-healthy version this one is grain-free and packed with nutritious almond butter, coconut oil and grass-fed butter. READ MORE

Cure Candida Naturally| Candida is an overgrowth of the yeast that occurs naturally in our bodies, and it has a way of getting in the way of basically everything. Fortunately, it’s usually easy to clear once you know you need to. Make a few simple adjustments and get back to feeling incredible.READ MORE

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