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Mariah de La Mer is an author, spiritual ecologist, and multi-modality healing artist. She is the Founder of the luxury grounding footwear company ASTARA and best-selling author of Crystal Healing for Women.

All About The Full Moon In Virgo March 7 2023

SPIRITUAL SIGNIFICANCE… Early Tuesday March 7th, at 4:40am PST the Full Moon reaches total fullness in mutable earth sign Virgo.

This Worm Moon signals change. It is the last full moon of winter and the astrological year, welcoming new life and Spring Equinox in a few short weeks. The sun in Pisces is opposite the moon bringing an emotional, dreamy and spacious feeling of expansion, while devotional Virgo heightens our ability to get focused on the details needed to fulfill our bigger visions. Virgo is the sign of the priestess, and helps to realign out dedication and devotion to our purpose and life path. Although one cannot happen without the other, this Full Moon is more about clearing the way for structured forward movement than releasing and shedding.

OVERALL THEMES TO EXPLORE… Purpose, Structure, Expansion

The inner excavations from January and February continue as we are being propelled into this Spring Equinox period of new life. There has been much change over the past few months and with all that has been surfacing and releasing in your life, now is an opportunity to set clear vision, action-oriented goals and a game plan for forward movement. The cosmic orientation of the planets is supporting great change and major expansion. This is a time to decide for yourself what you are claiming for your life and to take the necessary steps forward as this Full Moon energy is activating movement! Be very clear with your intentions and claim them in full confidence!

HOW YOU MAY FEEL… Motivated, Energized, Determined

Virgo loves structure and order, this energy supports things being in alignment to facilitate energy movement. Work with the heightened energy at this time to get organized and detailed about what you are creating and a plan moving forward. Even if things change, or tweaks need to be made down the road, your clear intentions and clarity of goals in this time will help build a strong foundation for the remaining year. Stand strong in your convictions and belief in yourself in this time.

EXCELLENT TIME TO…  Organize, streamline and plan!

Clear any remaining clutter (inbox, clothes, old habits!) that is blocking flow in your life and take some time to set clear intentions and an actionable game plan to move forward. Maybe you need to hire extra help at home or at the office, download a workout app, or say ‘no’ to a few social engagements so you can direct your focus in this time to what you are creating and working towards. Be specific with what you need help with to support your overall goals and visions for your life, and then take the next step forward. This helps to signal to yourself and the universe that you are ready, open, willing and participating in a co-creation for your highest vision.

JOURNALING PROMPT… What do I want to celebrate at the end of this year?

How can I step deeper into my purpose? What would support me in accomplishing my goals? What needs to be cleared to make space for this? What are 3 actionable steps I can take this week? Who in my life can I speak my intentions out loud to in order to hold me accountable and cheer me on?

In my book Crystal Healing for Women, find the Connecting to Your Creative Potential ritual to help connect you to your creative power to manifest your creations in the world at this time.

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