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Mariah K. Lyons is an author, crystal healer, intuitive and herbalist based in Los Angeles, CA. She is the founder of the luxury grounding footwear brand ASTARA and best-selling author of Crystal Healing for Women.

This Weekend’s Full Moon In Libra April 16th

The SPIRITUAL SIGNIFICANCE of this moon…  Saturday, April 16th, the Full Moon reaches full peak expression at 11:57 AM PST in Libra and is the first full moon in the astrological year.

This ‘Pink Moon’, according to the Farmers Almanac is considered a Super Moon, as it is closer to the Earth and appears bigger and brighter. The moon is squared Pluto and the energy of dwarf planet Eris is greatly magnified right now. Those two influences, alongside the energetic wave of the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction means you have most likely been feeling this current transition in a massive way.

Pluto supports destruction and rebirth, while Eris brings the energy of transformation and alchemy. Combine these with the expansive spiritual awakening stirred by the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction and we have a beautiful opportunity. These forces allow us to come into greater alignment with our individual soul’s purpose and find more harmony in our lives.

Transformation and realignment is not always easy, so this is not without shake-up. Libra governs relationship dynamics. During this Full Moon illumination we may be shown where we have been out of balance in our lives in our relationship to self, partnership, family, work, purpose and our relationship to the Earth. This illumination is needed in order to make the necessary adjustments. There is an immense amount of power available to us right now. These configurations support us in coming into a higher frequency field of alignment with our most authentic and truest selves. This will create ripples in all areas of life.

OVERALL THEMES TO EXPLORE…Relationships, Personal Power, Rebirth

It is a great time to examine your relationships in your life:

+ Where is there a balanced exchange of giving/receiving?
+ What relationships feel supportive, nourishing and expansive of where you are now and who you are now?
+ Consider your relationship to your personal power within and how you are showing up in your life. Might there be areas where you are giving your power away or perhaps not fully owning the fullness of you?
+ What needs to fully come to completion and release to be reborn?

Springtime is the time of rebirth, and with the planetary alignments and Libra Full Moon we have the opportunity to burst forth into a new expression of self.

HOW YOU MAY FEEL… Inspired, Reflective, Eliminative

There is an element of deep reflection in this moon. From a neutral place of awareness, we can release and eliminate things in our life that are not necessary to take with us moving forward — be that habits, relationships, patterns or etc. Try and stay curious and neutral with what is arising and allow it to serve as an arrow pointing you into greater alignment.

Feeling frustrated at work? Perhaps your inner self is nudging you to spend more time on your passion project or possibly take a go at it full time. Fighting with your partner? Perhaps there is a relationship pattern that is playing out which needs addressing so you can come into deeper harmony.

Pay attention to what is arising over the next 4 days and use it as a map to come into deeper balance and greater alignment. Can you possibly see the challenges right now as guides to help inspire your next steps?

an EXCELLENT TIME TO…  Journal, meditate, have any difficult yet necessary conversations, clear clutter in your home, car or email inbox etc. Cry, sing, scream and allow the energy to move through and out of your body.

Now is a really great time to release all that is no longer needed — energetically and physically! Perhaps you feel called to do a juice cleanse or digital detox…this is a great time to rest, reset and recalibrate. Give yourself the space and time to truly listen within and get clarity.

a full moon JOURNALING PROMPT… Which relationships feel nourishing and supportive? Where can I show up more as my authentic self in my relationships? Where might there be an imbalance of giving and receiving? What is my current relationship to my work? To my body? To my own personal power? Where might I bring more balance into my life? What needs to find completion to create more space for what wants to birth forth?

My book Crystal Healing for Women has a “Bringing Yourself Into Alignment” ritual that is supportive in times of rebirth and recalibration.

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