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Mariah K. Lyons is an author, designer, crystal healer, meditation guide and reiki master based in Los Angeles, CA. We turned to Mariah to share these mindful insights to each Full Moon for the last few months — follow along each month and take a few moments to incorporate the learnings. She is the founder of the luxury grounding footwear company ASTARA and best-selling author of Crystal Healing for Women.

The Full Moon in Leo January 28 2021

SPIRITUAL SIGNIFICANCE…  Our first full moon of 2021 on January 28th is a
powerful and explosive start to the calendar year. Full moons signify the apex of energy
throughout each lunar cycle. This Full “Wolf Moon” is in Leo, the courageous, bold and
fixed fire sign symbolized by the fierce and unapologetically radiant lion. The moon is
squared Mars so while it brings a powerful punch, be mindful of quick tempers or
heated arguments and instead, channel the feisty energy into creative and passionate
endeavors or physical exercise.

Good news, is that on the same day, our Sun and Jupiter are both aligned in the sign of
Aquarius, bringing expansion, prosperity and good luck. So it is a wonderful day to show
up as your expanded self and let yourself fully shine. i.e Get out of the cozy sweats and
into actual clothes for your morning zoom and perhaps pitch some new ideas you’ve
been cooking up.

OVERALL THEMES TO EXPLORe: Creativity. Passion. Integration. What
are you inspired to create? What are you passionate about? Allow the energy of this
current transit to ignite your spark of creativity and innovation. Whether you feel
inspired to create or finish a project, paint your walls a new shade or start up a new
hobby, direct this explosive fire energy into something positive and supportive for your
life, versus allowing the unexpressed energy to explode on an unassuming friend or

Full moons can also bring to light certain shadow aspects of the psyche to be fully
integrated and healed. If you are finding you are being emotionally triggered, especially
around matters of the heart, as Leo rules the heart, try to see these emotional wounds as
opportunities to integrate more of the shadow self (part of our unconscious psyche that
often holds fear, pain, shame and guilt) with your conscious self. Be curious as to what is
coming up for you, as these triggers and pain points can oftentimes hold the keys for
self-growth and personal expansion.

HOW YOU MAY FEEL… Creative, feisty, bold. You might feel a bit agitated or on
edge, so continue to watch your communication with others. The bold energy of Leo
helps us to tap into the space of fearlessness and courage within, and while you might be
feeling like making some bold changes in your life, we are about to enter Mercury
Retrograde on January 30th , so be mindful that any major decisions have been thought
through beforehand and not to make any rash decisions right now.

EXCELLENT TIME TO…  Dance, hike, move your body in any way that truly
feels good, but make sure you are active in some way. With so much currently being
stirred up and activated, it’s a great time to move the energy through your body. It’s also
a wonderful time to revisit any intentions you might have created at the beginning of the
year and edit or add as needed. Let yourself envision and dream even bigger for yourself,
as Leo asks us to step into our full radiant expression of self.

My book Crystal Healing for Women contains a potent self-healing meditation called
“Radiant Self-Confidence Ritual” that is highly supportive for activating and awakening
your confident radiant self.

JOURNALING PROMPT…  Where am I currently being emotionally triggered?
How might those triggers be lessons of growth to integrate? What is it my heart wishes
to create in the world? What am I deeply passionate about? Am I exploring those
passions? How might my passions and dreams support others? How can I be even more
bold and courageous in my expression of self

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