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MARIAH K. LYONS is a crystal healer, meditation guide and reiki master based in Los Angeles, CA. She is the founder of the luxury grounding company, ASTARA and author of newly published Crystal Healing for Women. On Tuesday, December 29 there is a full moon in Cancer and Mariah is unfolding the astrological significance for us here…

SPIRITUAL SIGNIFICANCE…  We have moved out of eclipse season and are entering the new energy of a new numerical calendar year. This Full Moon, called the Cold Moon, in Cancer, is offering an opportunity for us to cleanse all that we no longer need to bring into the new year and listen to our own intuitive guidance on what we deeply desire to experience in 2021 and the future moving forward. 

The sign of Cancer is ruled by the Moon, governing intuition, emotions and the feminine essence, which is not gender specific but instead energetic in nature. Coming off of a potent Jupiter + Saturn Grand Junction on Winter Solstice, this Full Moon presents a wonderful time for deep reflection, self-care and nurturing dreams, desires and new ways of experiencing the world. 

OVERALL THEMES TO EXPLORE… Introspection. Intuition. Nurturing.

Get quiet and look within yourself. Are there certain messages or intuitive nudges you have been ignoring or overlooking? Perhaps dreams and desires that are waiting to be explored? This moon is a potent window to listen to our hearts and intuition to nurture our dreams for the future. 

Give yourself ample time this week for introspection and self-healing to release stored emotions and integrate lessons from this past year. There might have been structures in your life (family, career, finances, relationships, etc) or emotional triggers that were shaken up during the last month of eclipses and you might even find that you feel like a whole new version of yourself now. 2020 was historic, so honor and celebrate all that you have moved through and overcome this past year. 

Welcome the new energy of this new year and a new evolution of you. 

YOU MAY be FEELing… Creative, sensitive, emotional.

With watery Cancer you might feel your sensitivities heightened or feel as if your emotions are right at the surface. While this may feel overwhelming to some, enhanced sensitivities are a gift and can be utilized to greatly fuel creativity and connect more intimately to the natural world around you.

it’s an EXCELLENT TIME TO…  Spend time in nature, rest, meditate, journal, take a ritual mineral + herb bath, create a vision board and allow the energies of this moon to support you in clearing the past and allowing for space to listen to your inner desires. 

Work with the cleansing element of water through an herbal ritual bath, a visit to a body of water (ocean, lake, river, stream etc.) or simply a hot shower to help release stored emotions and connect to your creativity and feminine essence. My book Crystal Healing for Women contains a potent meditation called “Awakening Your Intuition Ritual” that is highly supportive for tuning into your intuition.

JOURNALING PROMPT… What is a dream I am ready to bring to fruition? How can I nurture that dream with tangible, practical steps? What have I learned this year? What can I let go of? What do I need to nurture in my life to support my highest expression of self? What do I desire to create for myself and the world around me in 2021? 

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