Butter, Coffee + Ice Rollers: 8 Ways To Hack Your Freezer For Happiness At Home

We’ve got a few delicious — and beautifying — ideas to make life a little sweeter at home through the seasons…

One | Freezer Fudge Nutritionist Kelly Leveque has been telling us about her ‘freezer fudge’ for years, but for some reason we’d never got around to whipping it up til now. Just a cup of virgin coconut oil mixed with cacao powder, a bit of almond butter and a generous sprinkle of salt, freezer fudge is so good we may never buy chocolate bars ever again! Pour the chocolate into a silicone ice try like this adorable birthday sprinkles-ish version from W&P to easily flip one square of chilled chocolate out at a time.

These little chocolate squares are affordable, indulgent, no or low-sugar and the perfect way to boost your spirit after a long Zoom call.

Two | the ice roller Whether you’re waking up with tired eyes from a long night of Election coverage or just want to give yourself a simple post-workout massage, keeping this $10 ice roller tucked in the freezer is a great way to roll away sore muscles or a puffy face.

Three | Green Tea Facial One of our favorite at-home facials involves green tea ice cubes. As taught to us by facialist, Julie Civiello Polier. green tea’s anti-oxidant rich benefits are amplified by the anti-inflammatory effect of the ice. Use any ice cube tray you prefer, but we love to freeze freshly brewed tea in the stick-shaped molds and use it like a wand in gentle sweeping motions all across the face — keep a washcloth with you as it melts!

Four | Make Compound butters If you feel you’re making the same old dinners every night or are looking for quick ways to infuse new flavors in old recipes, try compound butter. We love these three versions. Keep them wrapped up tightly in the fridge — again a covered ice cube tray is a good way to go, and place a pat right into a hot pan to add butter with spices, herbs, garlic or anything you like right into eggs or veggies.

Five | Frozen desserts Another chocolate for the freezer, these cashew butter strawberry hearts are a bit more complex, but very fun to make. Take your time and enjoy making a layered chocolate dessert like this one and then pop it in the freezer so it’s ready when you want it! These heart-shaped chocolates could be made with just about any flavor you like!

Six | sustainable savers Life hack: smaller fresh items like berries, beans or chopped veggies do best if you spread them out on a cooking tray before freezing. Once frozen, pour them into a container — this process keeps them from forming into a giant frozen mass.

Seven | Make Body Scrub If you make coffee every morning, save the brewed coffee grounds in the freezer and make into a homemade body scrub. This recipe only requires two ingredients.

Eight | SAVE SCRAPS FOR STOCK. Keep veggie scraps and trimmings in a bag in the freezer when you cook. You can use this later as the base for a flavorful stock. Follow this simple recipe. You can incorporate the stock into various dishes — like grains and sauces — or you can sip it on its own. You can also save chicken and beef bones from dinner (or even resto leftovers) and use them to make bone broth.

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