On Finding Our Way From Lack To Abundance

Focusing on the positive in our lives won’t just make us happier people, a shift to our thought process may actually transform our subconscious efforts into tangible results. With Lacy Phillips of Free + Native as our guide, we are getting in the habit of expecting more and putting those good thoughts to work, transforming lack into abundance.

Lack can have a profound grip on us. And it can be so deeply imbedded in our subconscious, through years of conditioning, that some of us have to swim daily against its strong current. Simple daily efforts – used over time – can produce grand shifts. And they don’t have to be extensive practices. Even these slight and repetitive habits can move mountains and expand your lack into abundance.


A habit I acquired years ago was practicing the “there is plenty more where that came from” mindset. Anytime I purchase anything, I simply tell myself this exact mantra and I feel the vibration of those words throughout my entire being. This is a great habit to get into. Even when you are buying the least expensive of items, it automatically imprints your subconscious, through repetition, causing it to become more dominant than the “there isn’t enough where that came from” mindset.


Tithing is the act of donating a percentage of your income to a charity or a spiritual congregation of choice. In the past, when I’ve felt tighter than tight, in my darkest most financially lacking points, I’ve moved that energy into a positive direction by donating a little of what I did have. And without fail, my financial situation would always swing back upwards.


Each evening before bed – regardless of whether I’m home or traveling – I spend the last five minutes, before drifting into a deep sleep, naming five things in my life that I’m grateful for. I then follow this by visualizing all that I want already existing in my life. I get very specific, and use as many senses as possible to truly flesh out these visualizations. This is how I’ve guided my life in the exact direction it exists today. It’s also how I’ll mold the exact future I want for tomorrow.


This may be the most important habit of all – removing those that live in lack from your intimate circle. At 23, I made the conscious choice to remove anyone from my life who was negative, who enjoyed when I was in pain, and who lived in lack. Through the subsequent years, I replaced my circle with courageous, independent, positive, and successful like-minded individuals that continue to inspire me to reach higher personal, financial, and professional goals daily. We truly are a product of our environment. 

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