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The Pool Lounge in NYC may sound like the perfect place for swimsuits and margs , but the Manhattan translation looks something like real suits and and a raw bar. And we’re here for it.

The swanky cocktail spot is the latest project inside NYC’s iconic – and recently overhauled – Four Season’s Hotel. We’re puzzled, but drooling over food writer and authorKat Odell’s pick for this month’s bite of the month: frozen fois gras ribbons…

What I ate: 
The Pool Lounge’s ribbons gras with orange chips.

Why I ate it: Ever since Major Food Group overhauled Manhattan’s iconic Four Seasons in midtown, as a tremendous fan of ZZ’s Clam Bar, I’ve been curious to try their seafood- and cocktail-focused The Pool Lounge. And while each of the luxe lodge’s raw seafood bites of tuna and uni are carefully accented with complementary flavors, paired beside barman Thomas Waugh’s curious ingredient-focused elixirs, it was the much-talked-about frozen ribbons of foie gras that most piqued my interest. The dish alone is a stunning display of aesthetic creativity, with frozen ribbons of foie gras torchon shaved into paper-thin, ethereally light, ribbons of animal richness.

Why You Need it: One of the most inspired and visually pleasing foie gras preps I’ve come across, The Pool Lounge’s iteration gives lightness to a traditionally heavy dish. And served alongside wonderfully delicious dehydrated slices of orange — for not only an excellent flavor pairing of the foie’s unctuousness counterbalanced with a touch of the orange’s acidity and sweetness — but a dish that also sidesteps bread, making it low in carbs.

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