As you may recall, in Simone LeBlanc’s Kitchen Lookbook we hinted at her exclusive new collection of gift-toppers for Terrain (one of our favorite online shops for home and gardening goods) called Forest Floor. Well, we’re finally spilling the beans and showing you the entire, amazing line. It’s perfect for the holidays no matter what you celebrate—wintery, whimsical and totally wonderful. We asked the creator to tell us a little bit about what inspired her to create these lovely gift add-ons and hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

The Chalkboard: What inspired Forest Floor?
Simone LeBlanc: “My debut collection of holiday gift toppers is inspired by foraging and gathering from the forest floor.  Woodsy and wintery, each topper is hand – crafted using preserved foliage, Belgian and French linen ribbon and natural jute. They are designed to be placed atop a hand wrapped package or simply, given as gifts themselves. The line debuted at Terrain as part of the Simone LeBlanc Gifts & Goods Collection of handmade objects and accessories.”

TC: What are your favorite pieces in the collection?

SL: “The Frosted Wreath topper is one of my favorites because it’s a fairy tale take on the traditional Holiday wreath. It is inspired by the twinkling, starry night sky seen through the trees of a dense, woodsy forest. I also love the Winter Sunburst topper because it is so completely unique and handcrafted from distinct elements to create something I love. This piece is imbued with the feeling of a bright sunbeam filtering through the dark forest of trees on a chilly winter’s day”

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