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 think you know all there is to know about adaptogens after the last couple of years? If you’re been mixing them into your lattes and popping the best mushroom supplements, it turns our there’s one more application that makes all the difference.

Meet 2020’s quickly trending skincare brand, For The Biome, whose fermented mushroom-based products are quickly becoming the in-the-know wellness lover’s new ritual du jour.

Watch the video + follow along below…

For The Biome’s Creative Director, Cassouki Chouramanis and Content Strategist, Dina Chouramanis walk us through their skincare  ritual with the products…

00:10 On stress + our skin’s hydration levels

Strange right? Our skin has it’s own innate immune system that helps to keep impurities out and lock hydration in. If we break down that natural layer of protection through cleansing with the wrong products, stress or poor eating habits, our skin becomes susceptible to imbalance and even pre-mature aging. Adaptogenic mushrooms like those many of us have learned to supplement with or add to our coffee, also help to bring our skin back into equilibrium, whether we’re dealing with emotional or environmental stress.

00:28 Why Mushrooms for the skin?

Reishi, lion’s mane, chaga, king trumpet, and miatake mushrooms are all potent skincare ingredients. The key, according to For The Biome’s master herbalist, Paul Schulick (who is something of a wellness legend), is in the fermentation process used to prepare the active and whole mushroom ingredients. That’s the magic. With this holistic process, no fillers or preservatives are needed in the brand’s formulas.

01:11 How to… the invigorate powder mask ritual

A complete Ritual Toolkit with clay bowl, bamboo spoon and cleansing cloth comes with every first purchase of any powder-based product from For The Biome.

To mix your mask, pour 1/4 teaspoon of powdered mask with equal parts water into the bowl and mix thoroughly. Dampen the cleansing cloth and gently pat the moisture into your skin til damp. Generously apply the mask to damp skin (which helps absorption) with your hands and let is sit for 10 minutes. Once the mask dries, gently rinse away with the cleansing cloth (03:33 in the video). Your skin may look tighter and feel incredibly soft once the ritual is complete. Use just 1 – 2 times weekly.

03:01 Enhance your beauty ritual

Every For The Biome beauty product comes with a meditation. Use your precious 10 minutes with the mask wisely and enjoy a few deep breaths and the custom meditation for your product which can be found written into the side of your product’s thoughtfully prepared recycled packaging. Sit with the messaging and enjoy a few minutes of a self-care ritual just for you.

03:14 The Science behind the invigorate powder mask ritual

During your 10-minute ritual with the Invigorate Powder Mask your skin is receiving a potent download of prebiotic and post-biotic nutrients that are created during the mushroom’s fermentation process. These nutrients are like food for our microbiome, strengthening hydration and our protective barrier and, most importantly, keeping skin calm.

04:17 Next in the mushroom ritual: Adapt essence spray

Invigorate is a liquid ferment of all For The Biome’s most potent mushrooms: reishi, chaga, lion’s mane, miatake, and king trumpet. It is extremely hydrating, strengthening, calming and also helps to protect from the stressful effects of blue light damage coming from your phone and computer screen. Adapt Essence Spray provides a prebiotic feast for your skin’s microbiome. Spritz it on before a lengthy Zoom call,  a long workday in front of a screen, or an online shopping blitz.

05:35 Testing, testing: The discovery kit

New to the idea of mushroom-based skincare? Try For The Biome’s entire product line with their Discovery Kit for just $38. Receive luxury sample sizes of all seven skincare products and find your favorites — including the Adapt Essence Spray!

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