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Before plant-based diets became so popular; before gluten-free options were so prevalent; and even before green juice became a given on a drink menu; there were brands like Flora Health serving up traditional European herbal remedies that only those in-the-know about wellness were using. 

Fast-forward to today, and there’s not a person we know who isn’t at least vaguely familiar with products from Flora like Udo’s Oil that can be found in every Erewhon, Whole Foods or health food store we’ve ever visited. 

We’ve added Flora’s new immunity tonic to our wish list this year and are gifting it to any and all of our immunocompromised or hypochondriacal friends, but the real win here is to create a 2020 care package of Flora’s classic array of incredible wellness and immunity essentials. 

Does anyone really want a box of foil-wrapped pears anyway? This year, winter wellness essentials like Flor-Essence, Elderberry Syrup and their incredible probiotics may go down as the ultimate gift bundle of 2020.

THE GIFT: A wellness care package from Flora, including Immune-Essence with Turkey Tail and Turmeric.

First of all, we love putting together a care package and in 2020 we know just what everyone needs. While cookies are usually great, we’re assuming those are already in play at home, while these traditional European herbal remedies may just be the best thing to arrive in the mail all month…

Flora’s new Immune-Essence is a take on their most popular product ever, Flor-Essence, combined with two additional ingredients designed to not only detoxify your body at a cellular level, but also build cellular immunity.

It all comes down to ten superstar ingredients putting in the work…

The Great 8 Flor-Essence is made from a proprietary formula of eight detoxifying herbs: burdock root, sheep sorrel, slippery elm, watercress, blessed thistle, red clover blossom, rhubarb, and kelp. The Great 8 are combined to provide your cells with a healthy  flush from all things toxic so they can let their hair down, breathe, and get to work (maybe to the tune of Shania Twain’s Damn, I Feel Like A Woman).

Turkey Tail This is not, in fact, the actual tail of a turkey (do turkey’s even have tails?). Turkey Tail is an antioxidant-packed mushroom that gives your immune system the horsepower it needs to get the job done. It’s also super rich in polysaccharopeptides that keeps inflammation at bay while activating the best of what your immune cells have to offer.

Turmeric Our love of turmeric is always on. Known for its anti-inflammatory superpowers, turmeric has been around for thousands of years as a medicinal and culinary spice. It brings the heat without any of the fire, which is just what we’re looking for in this subtle-but-effective gift from nature.

WHY WE’RE OBSESSED: Flora is a family-owned brand with a world-wide reputation for pure and effective remedies. They’re one of the few brands that’s been able to translate old-world medicinals into present-day times well and we swear by their teas, probiotics, remedies and oils. 

We’ve left many wellness practitioner’s offices over the years with instructions to incorporate a few Flora products specifically.  The supplement market is—in a word—CROWDED, so it’s super hard to know when you’re getting something that is (1) third-party tested (2) effective and (3) sourced with high-quality ingredients. 

Flora is  a family-owned company that’s been operating since 1965. In an industry that is constantly fluctuating, they have never lost sight of their commitment to natural herbal remedies and supreme-quality formulas, even when the average consumers didn’t really “get it”. 

WHY IT MADE THE GIFT GUIDE: Immune-Essence with Turkey Tail and Turmeric is like the ideal thirst-quencher for your cells. All you have to do is add a tablespoon to warm water for a cozy tonic, that just-so-happens to be a calming ritual, three times throughout the day for ultimate optimization.

Create Your  2020 Wellness Care Package

Send a thoughtful wellness care package from Flora to friends, colleagues and clients this year instead of a (potentially lame) fruit basket. Gift your parents or your significant other, who may fight you tooth-and-nail on your overly-complicated supplement routine, with a beginner’s kit they can’t object to (elderberries and honey!). Start with Immune-Essence with Turkey Tail and Turmeric to start their mornings right, then add honey, elderberry, probiotics or whatever you like…

Manuka Honey Manuka honey, which has been all the rage for several years now, is the queen bee of antivirals, with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that become more potent as the MGO (methylglyoxal) increases. It’s also HONEY — a delicious gift from any angle.

Flora’s Manuka Honey is produced directly with local New Zealand tribes, is 100% traceable and comes in with MGO-strengths ranging from 30+ to….515+!!! Manuka is a delightful way to add benefits to toast, in tea, or right from the spoon!

Udo’s Oil Omega 3-6-9 Blend True story: Health starts in the gut. A happy gut is a healthy immune system, which is why a solid daily routine filled with probiotics and balanced omega fatty acids is KEY. Udo’s Oil Omega 3-6-9 Blend is an award-winning, plant-based, balanced blend of omega fatty acids, which you just can’t produce on your own. It helps keep inflammation DOWN—even when stress is up.

Elderberry Syrup Did you know that elderberry has been shown in clinical trials to fight the flu virus? Flora makes some of the best, again based on a traditional European formula we trust. 

Complete Care Probiotic A single capsule filled with over 34 billion strains of healthy bacteria, probiotics can support your  immune system like nobody’s business. Read our story on Flora’s impressive probiotics here (we were close to shocked at all the things these supplements can do!)

Respir-Essence Respir-Essence is a tonic that specifically targets chest congestion and breathing issues— ideal for reactive care and anyone who needs daily support for respiratory health. 

Traditional Flor-Essence is also a  legendary tonic that will make even the least health-obsessed friends and acquaintances think they’ve just received “one of those cute elixir things” that they’ve seen at the store. In fact, they’ll be getting the easiest preventative health ritual that will detoxify their cells at the deepest level. 

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